Daniel 7: Prophecy of the 4 Beast Kingdom

Remember the beast from the sea in Revelation 13 is made up of the Kingdoms (LANDS) of the Lion, Bear, and Leopard. There are 4 stages to this beast, corresponding to the 4 horsemen of Revelation 6 and Zechariah 6.

1. Lion = land of ancient Babylon = Iraq/Syria
Iraq made to stand like a man, not a beast, and given a man's heart - dictator overthrown and democracy forced upon it by military of USA/UK 2003-2011. Attempted the same in Syria but failed 2012-2013. Caliphate will begin to be reborn here. FULFILLED June 29, 2014 - ISIS could not be stopped from Conquering and Caliphate was established

2. Bear = land of ancient Medo-Persia = Iran
There are 3 ribs telling it to rise and strike. Is this the Kurds (Media), Shia in Iraq and in Syria? Or Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (see Dan. 8)?
Iran will invade the Middle East. Perhaps under the auspices of overthrowing ISIS, but it escalates into full Shia vs Sunni War for the Caliphate crown. Iran will "take peace (of mind) from the earth".

3. Leopard = land of ancient Javan = Turkey leading coalition of Sunni Islamic nations
Turkey leads the counterattack and defeats Iran and claims leadership the Caliphate. Brings time of economic collapse as the strong and legitimized Caliphate will now control up to 80% of global oil supply. It will literally redraw the map and rewrite the rules.

4. 10 horns on last beast = leaders of new globally recognized Islamic government (Caliphate). Little Horn (Antichrist) rises on this last beast
Death and Sheol make a pact with Israel over Jerusalem - specifically the Temple Mount; thus begins the first half of the final 7 years. Brings time of famines, pestilence, earthquakes, "kingdom against kingdom"; IE the beginnings of sorrows Jesus warned us about.

Daniel 8: Prophecy of the Ram and the Goat

Ram = Iran

Goat = Turkey-led coalition

verse 2 = Susa is southwest corner of Iran near Iraq border, this is where the war begins
verses 3-4 = Iranian invasion of Middle East - no one can stop them

Iran invades Iraq (west), Turkey (north) and Saudi Arabia (south) - possibly destroying Mecca. Likely gives attack orders to Hezbollah/IRGC Shia forces in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Western nations for mass terror operations. Possibly led by their Mahdi (12th Imam), see Dan. 11.

verses 5-8 = Turkish retaliation and victory over Iran and re-drawing of Middle East nations.

Coalition of nations led by Turkey and its "large horn" (likely Turkish dictator Erdogan) counterattacks with overwhelming air power and overthrows Iranian government; Leader of Turkey is removed or killed and their new empire is divided into 4 parts.

These 4 nations rule for a time, then the Little Horn/Antichrist rises from among them (from the North) and subdues the other 3.

verses 9-12 = career of Antichrist: rises to power to take control of the new empire, makes false peace with "Beautiful Land"/Israel, equates himself to God, commits Abomination of Desolation.

Daniel 11: Prophecy of the end-time Kings

Persia = Iran

Yavan = Turkey's realm

verse 2 = Beginning the "clock" when Israel re-established in 1948 or Jerusalem re-captured in 1967, it will be Iran's 4th king who lashes out against the Turkish realm/Ottoman lands:
1st: 1941-1979 = Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
2nd: 1979-1989 = Ruhollah Khomeini
3rd: 1989-present = Ali Khamenei
4th: ??? - could be a coup by their Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) installing themselves or a hand-picked Successor - possibly their long awaited "12th Imam" Mahdi.

verse 3 = "great horn"/"first king" of chapter 8, likely Erdogan

verse 4 = parcelling lands into 4 nations, see Dan. 8

King of the North = "New" Turkey

King of the South = Egypt

verses 5-20 = power struggle for the future of this Caliphate for an unspecified period of time

verse 6 = likely refers to Saudi Arabia who will ally with Egypt but negotiate with Turkey to keep the status quo, but house of Saud will come to an end

verse 15 = Egypt falls and submits to the Caliphate

verse 21 = Little Horn rises - must come from Turkey, Syria or Iraq (land of the north/the Assyrian)

verse 23 = Covenant confirmed with 10 Kings and Israel, see Daniel 9:27 - final 7 years begin

verses 24-30 = first 3.5 years, "Beginnings of Sorrows"

verse 25 = Antichrist invades Egypt; "Kingdom against Kingdom" of Isaiah 19 that Jesus spoke of

verse 31 = Abomination of Desolation - Great Tribulation/final 3.5 years begins

verses 32-45 = the Great Tribulation - Antichrist's war against the Saints and the Jews leading to Gog/Magog invasion and battle of Armageddon at Christ's return.