Our Commitment to being good Stewards:

We will always be responsible with all funds received and will always be used in ways to assist the Church and to win new souls to the Kingdom of God. We will never be afraid or a respecter of persons. If you believe in this mission, partner with us now!

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Your support of this Endtime Christian ministry is vital!

Help advance the Kingdom of God through Wings Of The Eagle. 

Your financial partnership will:

  • Help a network of local Messianic congregations in Israel spread the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Establish and grow new house churches among the Kurds in Iraq, Syria and Iran.
  • Support a missionary living in an Arab Muslim nation in the center of the end times events.
  • Allow for a free worldwide Network of Christians who are preparing for the days to come.
  • Fund a government-proof and hacker-proof communications tool for connecting Believers under various degrees of persecution. 
  • Assist with monthly expenses for Wings Of The Eagle Radio/podcasts, Webinars, Courses, mobile Apps, equipment and software for broadcasts/video projects, continued maintenance of websites and various fees to keep the ministry a viable entity.
  • Buy ads to keep a constant persistent presence on Social Media and New Media to witness to the world.
  • Aid with travel expenses for Conferences, Preaching/teaching opportunities, Mission trips and Evangelism.
  • Many other things in planning such as a News Network and Film series!

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