The End Times For Beginners

Learn step by step exactly what will happen before Jesus returns.

Understand God's plan clearly and live without fear of the future! IN-DEPTH TEACHING LESSONS ON 29 DIFFERENT BOOKS OF THE BIBLE AND 8 HOT BUTTON TOPICS

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The End Times For Beginners is a breakthrough, a first of its kind online Bible Course focused purely on the Scriptures of the End Times. It is on demand and available on any device 24/7. This course exists because too often we are confused or scared - or both! - by the talk of "End Times" and Bible Prophecy. As Christians, we can feel the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is near, but many can't answer WHY we believe it. This will teach you step by step what to expect so your confusion and fear will be no more, AND so you can teach it to others who once felt as you did. This course

will also be appropriate for non-Christians who are looking for a concise overview of what the Bible actually says about the Time of the End. It is said often, but taking this course may in fact