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Unsealed - "Anomalous Phenomena" evil? What does the Bible say?

Survey of Anomalous Phenomena/Unseen Realm interactions in Bible

God speaking directly to prophets etc not included

Gen 6 - fallen angels impregnate women produce giants

3 men to Abraham, 2 to Sodom

Moses burning bush

Plagues on Egypt

Pharaoh's magicians (limited abilities)

Red Sea parting

Balaam’s donkey

Joshua meets angel

Jordan river parting

Sun and Moon stop

Angels kill Assyrians

Elijah’s miracles esp fire from heaven

Elijah taken to heaven in vehicle

Elisha’s miracles esp calling bears, extra food and oil, not harmed by poison

Elisha showing servant heaven’s armies all around them

Witch of Endor calling up Samuel from Sheol

Ezekiel’s vehicle

Daniel’s companions in fire with 4th man

Daniel in lion’s den

Angel/spirit lies to prophets of Israel

Jesus conceived by virgin

Father heard, Spirit seen by some at baptism

Satan in desert taking Jesus to Temple then night mountain time traveling?

Father heard, transformed into a radiant form on Mountain with disciples

Many miracles: food, wine, healings, knowing people’s thoughts and past and future

Waking on water, calming storm, instantly arriving at shore.

Demons entering people - and being cast out by Jesus and Disciples (pigs too)

Satan entering Judas

Walking through crowd invisible

Walking through walls/appearing and disappearing at will

Paul not dying by stoning or snakebite

Revelation many interventions by good Angels, fallen angels from heaven and under Euphrates, demons/creatures from abyss, return of Jesus on horse/clouds/vehicle


Hey friends, yes indeed, this is Unsealed, the official podcast of Wings of the Eagle. I'm Christopher, your host. Hopefully you're a friend, humble servant. I happen to be a pastor, but that's okay. I hope you don't mind. And I'd love to see you here today. And thank you for joining. Please let me know who you are, where you're from, and please do share this video right now. That would be amazing. If you did that, it'd be really helpful. For people to see that this thing exists, that there are Christians talking about this phenomenon that's going on in an intelligent, hopefully an intelligent, balanced way. That's obviously we want to keep it biblical, but also want to use our common sense and not make assumptions about anything because that doesn't help anyone. ever. It doesn't help us as individuals. It doesn't help the church generally. It doesn't help people who don't believe. And that may be that you, they're not convinced of the truth of God or of Jesus as the son of God or that he rose from the dead and paid the penalty of your sin, all that stuff. They don't want to believe or they can't believe all that because we Christians give a terrible witness. And we have a bad history of assuming that we know stuff when we don't. especially when it comes to the world around us and the universe that we live in and the space travel or ideas like that. We're just not doing well. And so if we're seeing – we're at a point in history where there are many provable – it's not made up. It's not – prosaic as we say there aren't other explanations for normal things that yes there are anomalous phenomena uh all over the world and the again the assumptions uh don't help and um so I was just thinking hey madam rex what's up thank you nice nice emojis I like that Uh, so yeah, by the way, no matter where you're watching, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, the X platform or the end time church app, please do tell someone about it. Would really appreciate that. Uh, I got my PB thin UFOs to eat. What? Peanut butter, thin UFO. What the heck? Every time we go on bond servant makes me very hungry because she's baking up something good. Something is definitely going on. Yeah. Regardless. All right. So what I wanted to do, hopefully those who care about what the Bible says can approach this in a responsible way. And to me, the way I learned very recently, quickly is seeing a list I see uh I see something visual where I'm presented with instead of trying to remember stuff just make a note and this is not exhaustive but if you're on youtube I think facebook as well but um youtube definitely will have in the description below this list of things that I'm about to go over and uh this is just kind of off the top, a consultation with another Christian, like, hey, did I miss anything on this? So it's just basically going to go through the list of what you would call anomalous phenomena in the Bible. Right? What we would call something that we can't explain, that should be impossible, or some kind of intervention from this unseen world. Right? That created some kind of, again, an anomaly is just something you can't readily explain. We don't understand how it happened. It's not normal life, right? It's not something that we can maybe reproduce. It's weird, and we didn't do that at all. Maybe there's some other force or person or thing behind it. Okay, so I'm just going to go through these real quick. If you have anything to add, you can go ahead and just tell me now or just at any point today. If you're watching live, of course, if you're listening on the podcast, on audio, I love you just the same, but obviously you can't participate live here, but you're always welcome to put a note wherever you're watching or listening or get me on the X platform at Manti4, M-A-N-T-E-I-4. Okay, so let's go through these things and see what we find. But before we do, bond services just read an article earlier on Daily Express about Nick Pope. He sure is interesting. He is interesting. Yeah, I'm glad I got a chance to meet him a couple months ago. Was it a month or two or so? Just not too long ago. He was in my neck of the woods, so I went and said hello. And asked him basically about what I care about and why we're doing this Unsealed podcast in terms of this UFO business is because ultimately, ultimately, I would love to know the mystery like everyone else. But I'm concerned about souls. I'm concerned about the state of believers or non-believers or their eternal destiny type of stuff, right? And the church losing faith and becoming an apostate because – You're seeing things, or maybe you're a witness to something, or maybe you hear explanations from Christians that are just false, and it drives you away from God, and you reject Christ at some point because of what happened. So we don't want that. Right? No one wants that. You should not want that. Anyway, let's get to this list and see what we find. Again, if I missed anything, let me know. Okay, so I just went as a Genesis to Revelation type of incidents where what I would call an anomalous phenomena or unseen realm interaction. Okay, in other words, God speaking to a prophet or someone directly, I'm not including. This has to include a third party, basically, or some kind of miraculous event beyond one person, God speaking to someone. All right, so here's what I've got. Genesis 6, the famous Genesis 6 incident where the fallen angels, what they call the Bnei Elohim, the sons of God, came to the daughters of men. So there were fallen angels impregnate human women. To produce giants. That's weird. Okay, that's not normal. That's anomalous, right? Until that happened. And what I want to do with this is go through and see whether you would term it a positive or negative event. Or in other words, is it God or good beings behind it or evil? All right, so that's clearly evil. Fallen angels impregnate women, produce giants. All right. three men sent to Abraham, two go on to Sodom. This is the famous incident of the, of course, I believe this is a Christophany or a Theophany, fancy word for Jesus appearing before he was born, with two angels, and they hang out with Abraham for a bit, and then two of them go on. Remember, there's this whole discussion with Abraham and this third person, and so on, it just happens to be God, and then these two angels go to Sodom, like Sodom and Gomorrah, the whole destruction. Anyway, that whole incident, clearly, that's a good thing, or that was God and his angels, even though the destruction of cities wouldn't necessarily be a good thing, but the point is that who was this phenomenon? Who were these people who appeared out of nowhere, by the way, right? Abraham just saw them, boom. Uh, and then they were just gone. Boom. Well, they were called angels in the Sodom version or, um, by the time we got to that part of the narrative. So anyway, let's just say God and two angels showed up and obviously those are good. Okay. Um, Moses in the burning bush, clearly very famous. um, incident. And what happened there? We have a bush that didn't burn. It was, it was on fire or it appeared to be on fire, but it wasn't actually being consumed. That's what it says. Uh, so, and we know it says the angel of the Lord was actually in the bush, um, so forth and so on. So clearly not a negative situation, but it's supernatural. It's anomalous. Okay. Bushes burn down. They don't just keep on burning and not burning. be destroyed, and that was not normal. Okay, so obviously that's anomalous, and that's positive, or a God moment. Plagues on Egypt. Again, the result of the plagues on Egypt were not positive for Egypt or for Pharaoh, but obviously God was behind it, and he used Moses to deliver the warning, and then to deliver the actual you know, plague, whether, you know, using the staff of Moses or whatever, obviously God was, was behind that. And they were very intentionally anomalous things like the frogs and the bugs and the water into blood and the, All that, the darkness and, right, of course, the firstborn son being the culmination, judgment there that led to the, created the Passover, the first Passover and all that stuff. So that was obviously from God. We know it's a very famous story. So the plagues on Egypt, supernatural, anomalous stuff, but from God. Again, not evil. Okay, now, then during that, though, remember there was, at least limited-wise, there were pharaohs, what they called magicians, or basically the pharaoh had servants that could do anomalous things. They could reproduce some... of what Moses was showing, or what God was doing through Moses. The staff became a serpent, but then Moses' serpent ate the other serpents. They even tried to do the blood thing in the water. So there's some ability there, for sure. That's not normal. That's not... man's power there's some kind of otherworldly or or you know unseen power or realm maybe it's demonic seems like it you know like evil uh behind it but it was very limited but the point is it happened so we're going to say pharaoh's magicians limited abilities that's evil Okay, so then obviously after that, we have various things that happened with Israel as God delivered them from Egypt. Of course, the Red Sea parting is the most dramatic part. of that, and clearly that's an unnatural event, and God was certainly the cause of that. And then you could even include, if you want, I didn't put it there, but the whole, the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day, right, what was actually there, that Israel in the wilderness was following around, and when it moved, they moved, and when they didn't move, they camped. You know, like, that whole thing, that goes in with this, the Red Sea also, but That was obviously all God, right? It was good. It was for good reasons. Here's my man from India checking in. Bless the Lord for you, man. Thank you. Yes, it is evening by where you are. Sorry it's a little later here than I normally start this podcast. I just couldn't be helped today. And a bond servant also was saying, many believers freak out about this. It just isn't in them to consider this. This meaning this whole topic? Like, what is this all about? Okay, so now we've got... So that's good. So now we've got a pretty good going here through Book of Exodus, basically. Very famous incidents. So we've got... Most of them are positive. Most of them are God events, right? or, you know, the good side of things. Okay, so let's proceed. So the children of Israel now have gone on, do their thing. They're going through desert. They're about to enter the promised land. And then there's this guy, Balaam. Remember who tries to get hired basically to curse Israel? And he's like, I can't do that because God is with them. It's not possible. I can't override that. But then he's on a donkey, remember? And then the donkey actually won't move. She stops and won't carry him onward past this point of the... through the rocks and all that. And it turns out that she's not moving because the angel of the Lord is visible to her, the donkey, but not to Balaam, the man. So again, we have an unseen entity that a human can't see, but an animal can. That's relatable, right? I mean, there are times and things, even today, I'm thinking of cow mutilations. You're right, we've got videos and stuff, thanks to Skinwalker Ranch, that a cow may be able to know something is up there, or in the sky, where a human can't perceive it. Anyways, so we know it's very documented that, you know, animals can sense like major weather, like a storm or an earthquake even, right? So there's something still lingering in that. But the point is the animal saw this angel and Balaam did not at first, right? So that's happening. And of course, that's the angel of the Lord. So that's not evil, right? Um, then you've got Joshua who was chosen obviously by Moses to lead the, um, people after Moses died. And so he's trying to get into the promised land and lead them in there. And he does a thing, uh, where he meets an angel, right? He's right. And he just appears out of nowhere. And the angel says, uh, or in Joshua says, who are you with? You know, are you with us or are you with our enemies? And he's like, no, no, I'm with, I'm the, I'm the representative of the Lord. Um, take that for what you want right and I'm here to make sure his will is done and yada yada so again uh supernatural yes invisible becomes visible it's an angel um who knows how we got there just was there and says I'm on the lord's side not on yours so definitely not negative Another God-positive event, but definitely supernatural or anomalous, right? Okay. The Jordan River gets parted, okay? Not the Red Sea, everyone remembers, but also the Jordan, which is not an insignificant river that you can just walk over. It's major, and so... for Joshua and the armies of Israel to get through. And then even later with Elijah and Elisha, that period, the Jordan got parted in half till you can cross on the ground. So that happened again, not, um, negative. That's a supernatural, that's an anomalous event. Uh, um, God did that. Right. All right. Um, again, staying with Joshua, there was an, uh, a battle where, um, God, somehow the sun and the moon, it stopped or something like that where they got extra time. I'm not here to explain it. I'm just here to relate it. And so clearly not normal. Is it time travel? Is it actually heavenly bodies not moving? Is it the earth not spinning? I don't know. I don't know, but the point is it happened and God was behind it. It was not evil, clearly. So that's the next thing I could think of. And there's an incident where this is, again, progressing on through the kingdom of Israel and the prophets and so forth. And you have an incident where angels or an angel kills like a lot of humans, right? like a serious, what was it? A hundred thousand, 200,000, 80,000. What the heck was it? Somebody go correct me on that. So that happened. Well, it doesn't look like a positive event, but again, God did that. We know God did that. It was for Israel's protection. It was so his people would you know, continue to rely on him. It's an angel did a good angel killed a lot of people. All right. So anyway, you can make of that what you want, but it was not done by demons or some type of evil angels. It was, it was God. All right. There's that. Elijah's miracles. Elijah had some count. He had seven miracles, some say 14. But a bunch of miracles, like things that he couldn't do, a normal person couldn't do, anomalous things, kind of weird stuff. But especially the famous one of calling down fire from heaven. He did that multiple times, actually. to protect himself at one time from being taken, and he's killing soldiers from the king who wants to nab him. And then, of course, the famous one against the prophets of Baal, right? They all show up, and they're challenging him, and if your god is the real god, then make him bring fire down and consume your sacrifice, and that whole thing, you remember. Yeah. Of course, their God could not do that. So the evil was very impotent on that day. And then God, the real God, the good God, came in, sent fire down and destroyed the, you know, consumed the altar and all the offering on it and the whole thing. We know that. You should know that story. Again, obviously not evil. In fact, God made the evil angels or the devil look really bad, look really impotent, right? He couldn't do anything. But God could. And so there you go. There's that. And then the super famous incident of, I see this is all famous. I assume you all know these stories. I hope you do. Just read your Bible. Elijah is taken up into heaven, right? In a chariot of fire. Chariot of fire. You can't survive a chariot. Chariots don't burn, again, like burning bushes. But that's what it was called. And he got in it and he was still alive. And he got in this thing and there were horses somehow. But it went into the sky. It went into heaven. It flew away. So I would call that a UAP. I would call that... I don't care what the wording is. I don't really think... And maybe it was made to look like a chariot so he wouldn't be nervous about it. I don't know. But it was a transportation system. Can we agree on that? And it said there were horses in a chariot, but it wasn't normal. It was on fire. It went into the sky. So that's... Whatever that was, that was not evil. That was not from the devil. Demons can't do that. Only God did that. So this is, hopefully we're seeing a pattern here. So far, I think it's a very big advantage for God and good forces doing these things. Okay, Elijah taken to heaven in a vehicle. And then Elisha, who was his protege, basically his replacement, right? He actually saw this... um incident with the being taken to heaven in this chariot elisha saw it and by the way elijah said if god will want you to see it then it's going to be good for you because then you're going to have miraculous abilities like I did and so he knew somehow elijah knew what was coming and elisha was allowed to see it and therefore he um had all these abilities as well including um all his miracles. Some say there were twice the amount of miracles that Elijah had. Elisha said to perform 14 miracles where Elijah had seven and they included calling bears to mall people who were making fun of him. So he had the ability to talk to animals and, um not normal uh and to go get those guys uh extra food and oil like miraculous like kind of like jesus uh bread and oil just kept appearing and it just wouldn't run out um those are a couple different situations and not harmed by poison there was a um you know somebody made some food with like poison plants and and whatever in it nobody could eat it but Elijah, Elisha made it edible and nobody got poisoned. All that, that's all anomalous stuff, miraculous stuff. Clearly good gods behind that, God's prophets behind that. It's good. Elisha, then to me, the most important thing Elisha did was he showed, right, there was this time where they were getting surrounded, the armies, the enemies were coming in against against them, and they were surrounded in this valley, right? And the servant of Elisha was very nervous. Like, how are we going to get out of here? Like, how are we going to win? And this is all this army. And Elisha said, he prayed, and he said, Lord, show him the truth. You know, show him that there's more with us than with them. And at that point, he saw what? Chariots of fire, angels, all kinds of stuff on the earth, but just out of view. So they were there or surrounding them or whatever. Maybe they were in the sky. I don't know. But they were there, and they just couldn't be seen except by the prophet. But they're there. And again, not evil. Definitely God. Good side, right? Good angels. All that stuff. But they're there. All right. So we've got a huge advantage for good prophets. and godly stuff versus demonic or satanic phenomena. Okay, it's almost all God right now. But now we've got the other side coming up. There's what we call, some Bibles say, the Witch of Endor, right? So this is where Saul, the king, who hated David and wanted to know, you know, how was he going to win in battle, yada, yada. He goes to this place and this woman who has the ability or can call up people from the dead. Of course, that's a no-no to God. We shouldn't be talking to dead people, all y'all out there. But he talks to... Somehow she has the power to raise... Not raise him from the dead, but bring him back from Sheol. Sheol is the grave, the place of the dead souls. And so Samuel... because Saul's old, the prophet, basically, who made Saul the king, right? He comes up, it says, up from Sheol, and he talks to them. So, well, obviously, Samuel is not a bad person. He was a prophet. God is all about Samuel. But the bringing of him up from Sheol by this person called the witch at Endor is not considered a good thing. So we'll chalk that one up to evil or demonic. Okay. ability of anomalous phenomena. Okay. And it's certainly talking to a dead person, bringing them, you know, from the grave or from the world where they're in to talk to you is not something that you should do. Right. Okay. Of course, Jesus rose from the dead. He's not in the grave. Let's don't get it twisted there. Okay. Then we're talking about Ezekiel and what he saw. And we're going through this on Monday nights. If you are aware, I'm leading the end time church services on Monday nights. And I've been going through Ezekiel verse by verse pretty much. And we're up to chapter 11 now or 10. And we've seen a good bit about this very famous vehicle and a lot of folks who are maybe not Bible students, let's say nicely, who just assume that UFOs are in the Bible because Ezekiel has this crazy vision, not crazy, but very complex, different, anomalous vision of God on a vehicle. And there's many parts of it. It's described in a very detailed way, not like maybe other places where it just says a chariot, like for Elijah, or Jesus in a cloud. We're getting the real details. We're getting the schematic of this thing and how it operates, and God's going around on it. He's being transported on it. We can't deny that at all. And there's different facets of it. There's a throne. There's a firmament, it says, this barrier or this platform. And under that, there's these four, not angels, but creatures with eyes all over and wings and four faces. And then there's these wheels within wheels spinning, gyrating stuff. All that stuff is part of this. vehicle that Ezekiel sees. So that's definitely one of the things we can list. And that's certainly not negative. Jesus is on that thing. That's not bad. That's not a bad angel thing. That's God. All right. So basically, yes, I call it a UFO. Of course I do. Or UAP. That's what Ezekiel saw. Sure. But there's more to it than, well, it's a thing. So therefore, right. But the point is obviously not demonic, not satanic. We have no examples of so far of that being a thing at all. But only God so far is doing such things. Okay. Next I have on the list is Daniel's companions in the fire. All right, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, you all should know the story of the fiery furnace, right? When King Nebuchadnezzar says, everyone bow to me and my statue, my image, and these three won't do it. And so they said, okay, you go into the fire because you wouldn't bow to the Gentile Nebuchadnezzar king instead of God. And so they go into the fire. They figure this is the end, right? This is it. We're out of here. We're martyrs now. But they're not. They're not even burned in there. They don't even get hot. And in fact, the king sees a fourth man in there, which we know, you should know, or I'm telling you, is Jesus the Messiah before he was born. There he is. Some say the angel of the Lord, whatever. But Nebuchadnezzar even describes him as the son of man. So anyways... That's anomalous. That's different. And so this fourth man, whatever he was or whoever he was, just showed up, just appeared out of nowhere, appeared into the fire and rescued the other three guys to the point where it says they didn't even smell like smoke. It's as if they were never even there. That's the level of protection or shielding or taking away from the situation. But they weren't removed from it. You could see them. They were seen the whole time. That's why it was so remarkable. Wait a minute. They're not getting burned. What's going on? They're just standing there. And now I see this fourth guy. So that whole incident certainly qualifies to me as anomalous, right? An event that's not normal. And obviously it's God. This is a good thing. Okay, next, Daniel himself was thrown into a pit of lions, which were very hungry, it says, and they should have eaten him right away. But he survived the whole night without being touched by the lions. In fact, the lions weren't even making a big deal out of him being there because Daniel said an angel was there to shut the lions' mouths. So... Again, God is intervening. This is a good anomalous situation. Not evil, of course. And then as soon as Daniel gets taken out, the guys who set up Daniel in that story, they kind of conspired against him to get the king to throw him in there to begin with. The king turns his attention to them, saying, you fooled me. You guys are really the evil ones. And he throws them in there, and they're immediately eaten. So it's not like the lions weren't hungry. The angel, the Lord himself, this supernatural intervention or this anomalous intervention with animals, again, stopped them from eating him. Okay. This one I included. Not a lot of people know this. is there was an incident where a king of Israel wants to go do his own thing and not be told that God's not with him. So there's one prophet of God that's actually listening and says, no, you're going to fail. You shouldn't do this. God's not with you. But all the other prophets are saying, yeah, yeah, you're fine. In fact, God says, go send a lying one of you. He's talking to his angels up there or his crew. And he says, somebody go tell lies to the prophets of the king to make sure he goes away. but it wasn't from God. It was from a lying spirit. So now, God sent it. It was part of God's team. It was an angel of some kind. I'm not chalking that up to negative or demonic or satanic. Even though it was a lying spirit, these prophets of Israel were told something not true, but the point is that's a spiritual encounter. That wasn't God speaking to them, but it's a real encounter, and God was behind it. Very good comments going on here that I may have missed. Let's see. Gideon, sure, had an encounter with the Lord and dew on his fleece. Yeah, true. I kind of left that out because it was a private conversation and having rain on the fleece or not. Yeah, I mean, that technically fits the definition as well. I could have included that. That's true. Okay. Adam Rex says, fire from heaven burns up his people's offerings, chariots of fire, pillar of fire, fiery furnace. You're getting the theme here from Rex here. Holy Spirit, tongues of fire, flame, God's wrath poured out, lake of fire, our works are burnt up. You got it. There's definitely a theme there with God and the good expression, as it were, of these supernatural things. Yes. Yes. Sinai, fire on Mount Sinai, of course. Fire everywhere. Yes, no doubt. Bonservant says an angel also appeared to Samson's mom. That's true, right? Before he was born. Very like John the Baptist. I could have actually, I didn't mention that either. Could have. That's good things to add. This is excellent. But right. There's communications. Again, a supernatural being appears, and it's not evil, and it's not demonic. Okay, so we're up to, on my list here, Jesus. Okay, finally. That's all Old Testament up to this point. You see how anomalous the Old Testament gets. And Jesus, of course, is born of a virgin. That's is to them that's maxing out the weird factor or the anomalous factor who what person has been born without a father right even if your dad's a fallen angel and you're a giant um you still had a mom and a dad well the holy spirit this is overshadowed mary and she was a virgin and she never was with a man and yet she got pregnant Okay, clearly not evil. That's good. I mean, from the good side, right? That's God doing that, clearly. Okay, next, well, we skip right over John the Baptist, his parents being visited by Gabriel. I'll just add that now. Gabriel, the angel, visits Zechariah, right, the dad, and he doesn't believe him, so he can't talk. So again, it's a celestial, you know, a being that shows up out of nowhere, talks to you, talks to a person and he's not believed and there's a consequence to that. But anyways, that was John the Baptist's parents. But now Jesus, he's born a virgin, and he gets baptized by John, his cousin. And there's, again, a famous incident of, depending on which part you're reading or which gospel you're reading this in, there was a voice from heaven saying, this is my beloved son. And John at least says, I saw the Holy Spirit coming upon him at that time in the form of a dove or like a bird. So he saw something. He saw an apparition or a spirit, and he heard a voice from heaven. And obviously this is good. This is God. This is positive. But it wasn't seen by everyone who was there. There were a lot of witnesses at this baptism. And there was a lot of people who didn't hear anything. And that was even remarked on. So how is that possible? God can speak and not everyone can hear him. Or not everyone does hear him. Whether that's their choice or not, I'm not sure. But... And this is like a UFO experience, isn't it? Like some people will see it, and the next possibly person in the same area won't. Or hear things, and some people won't. Or see beings, and some people won't. That's not necessarily demonic. I mean, that happened when God did it. Okay, after he's baptized, he goes into the desert, right? into the wilderness, outside of Israel, into these mountainous areas in the desert right outside the border. And he's tempted by the devil. So Satan actually shows up. There's a supernatural showdown out here, right? You got... Call Satan what you will, an angel or whatever. He's a creature who's not a human. And he appears out of nowhere. Just boom. He's in the desert with Jesus after 40 days of him not eating and obviously very weak and... I'm sure wants to, you know, his body wants to give up. And so then the tempter, you know, the tempter shows up and tries to get him to worship him instead of, you know, being who he should and, and get him to doubt himself and, and, and to give control over it to him to the point where he takes him supernaturally. Somehow the devil takes Jesus to hell. the temple, they weren't in Israel, in Jerusalem at all, but yet he's transported somehow to the temple by Satan, the devil, puts him on the top of the temple and says, jump off. If you're really the son of God, he'll save you, right? That, and of course he says no. And then he says he takes him to a, it's kind of ambiguous, he says he takes him to a very high mountain and shows him all the kingdoms of the world. Well, how does that happen? That's a really high mountain, okay? Like what? The space station? The moon? Like what are you talking about? How do you see all the kingdoms of the world? It also says in the King James, anyway, something like in a moment of time. And that might just mean all at once, like all the great kingdoms and show them at the same moment this is all. Or is it time traveling? Or is he transporting him to the future when all the world's kingdoms will be at their peak? Like, let's say today, you have skyscrapers everywhere and giant, you know, billions of dollars worth of stuff and millions and billions of people and way bigger and better than it was then, to be honest with you. Maybe he brought them to the future and said, this is what I'm going to take over, right? This is going to be mine. I'm going to give it to you. All you have to do is worship me instead, right? So this is very supernatural stuff. And... You can say that's a negative. Right? Because the devil did that. Okay? Yes, he did. He did. Okay. Easy. Right? So he can appear apparently. He was on the earth. And then he's taking him places. So there's that to consider. But at the end of that time, that desert temptation period, Jesus said he sends him away. He sent Satan away. And from that point on in the scriptures and for the whole rest of the Bible, Satan is never on the earth again. I mean, seen by anyone who has never been seen again. It's only a spiritual. His spirit was around. There's only one other incidence that I'm going to mention here in a minute that even comes close to that until the very end of the book. So what I'm saying is it's very possible that Satan, he cannot leave where he is physically. Like he can't be doing UFO things. He can't be flying around. He can't be appearing to you or anyone else as anything. He may not be allowed. He may be restricted, withheld, held back. And there are scriptures on all of that. But before we get there, there's another incident in the life of Jesus where the father is heard speaking. in what we call the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus takes his three closest disciples, Peter, Paul, and John, Peter, James, and John, up to this mountain. Somewhere the mountain is. Maybe it's the same mountain that the fallen angels came down on in Genesis 6. That's a theory. We don't really know for sure. But it's a high mountain, and he's transformed, it says. Transformed. And now he's talking to a dead man. He's talking to Elijah and Moses. who again had very anomalous experiences on mountains, on Mount Sinai. They both did, actually. And here we are on a mountain, not Sinai, but something's going on where he's talking to them as if they're perfectly fine and alive. And he now looks totally different. Jesus says he's transformed. He looks glorious and bright and incredibly white and shining. Something's happening up there. And then the father speaks again, and they hear him now. And this was only three people, but they're blown away. Peter's like, well, we should build some shelters, some tents for you, like tabernacles, this whole thing. And Jesus is like, don't tell anybody about this. He turns back to normal. Elijah and Moses are gone. He was talking to them about going to the cross, right? So something, some big, deep conversations. And then that was it. Well, clearly that was not evil. That was God doing his thing. Jesus doing his thing. And then, of course, you got the many, many miracles of Jesus. walking on water. Well, before that, the bread and the fish, water into wine, healing countless people. and not only that, but knowing people's thoughts, he knew people's thoughts. He knew what the Pharisees were thinking. He knew what people were trying to trip him up. He knew what was in their heart. He knew the history of the woman at the well. He knows past, present, and future. That's all anomalous phenomena. Okay. That's all, whatever you want to call that or whatever kind of power or however, um, that clearly is not evil. It's, Clearly, even as Christians, you could say, well, aren't we supposed to do those things? Why not? If it's the same Spirit of God, then maybe we should be. But anyway, clearly not bad, many miracles, awesome stuff, all that, and walking on water. So he's not only in control of mental or physical, He's in your mind. He knows what your thoughts are. He can supernaturally give extra food, create, change molecules, create things out of nothing, reproduce things out of nothing, make diseases go away. So he's changing the physiology of human bodies. And then he actually has authority over... Well, that all kind of falls into authority over nature, I guess. But he's actually demonstrating over what everyone thinks the humans don't have any power over, which is the mother nature, right? The sea, walking on it. Instead of being in trouble on a boat, he's out there walking on a boat. And there's another part where he says there's a big storm, a hurricane basically is happening. And he's like, shush, be quiet. And the storm stops. So he has power over nature. His body can literally walk on top of water. That defies physics. We don't know how that happens. We can't explain that. But that's anomalous. That's a phenomenon. And that happened. And that whole incident where he walked to the water and it was on the boat and all, and the little phrase right at the end of that story, which most people maybe miss, is he instantly arrived at the shore. They were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, which is big. Uh, I've been there. I took a boat across. It took a while to get across it, but they were, since they were in the middle of it. So at least three miles out and then all of a sudden instantly, boom, they're on the shore. So he has the, uh, ability to over time and space in that, in that case. okay a lot of this is fits the maybe the ufo uap phenomenon right how are we doing this how are they define the laws of physics how are they zipping around in the water how are they going to space at tremendous speeds how are they disappearing and reappearing how are they um go or do they have control over space time right are they warping through space time appearing at different points in time in space and all that well That's happened before, but it hasn't been demonic. It hasn't been evil. This has been God. Okay, and I mentioned before about Satan entering. Well, I didn't say it, but Satan entering Judas. It says Satan entered Judas. So not the physical person, Satan, right? But his spirit went inside a human body. That happened. And of course, Judas, this is when he betrayed Jesus and so forth. So you have that incident. And you also have many incidents where Jesus and the disciples were what? Casting out demons out of people. So there are other entities. No, this is not sicknesses. These are not diseases like normal because there were very normal healings that happened. They had this disease. Now they don't. But then there's also demons who are possessing people who are causing problems in your body or making you throw yourself into fire or having seizures and so forth or breaking shackles because you're so strong all of a sudden. All these things are in the Bible. But it's because you have demons inside of you. So I just want to point this out. Obviously demons, and Jesus explains this, when you have these issues, even if you get a demon cast out, there can be more that will come back in. So demons enter people, and of course Jesus and disciples could cast them out. And pigs, by the way. Demons can go into pigs, right? Demons said, don't send us to the abyss and judge us. We want to go send us to those pigs instead. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about all that. The point is, so demons are inhabiting living things, right? that's demonic, that's satanic, that's dark, that's evil, right? But that's different than what we're seeing with God. So between that and like Genesis 6 and like, so you see demonic, so when demonic or fallen angels are involved, you're forcing themselves like into human bodies, right? You're seeing demons possess people. You're seeing Satan enter into Judas. You're seeing the fallen angels. I don't mean to be gross, but they're forcing their entering into human women. There's nothing that says those women consented, by the way. And again, just thinking through that whole process, if giants were the result, giant, giant people... or the result of those pregnancies, then I don't see how a woman could survive the birth. I mean, it's really gross to think of, actually. But anyways, so that's demonic, right? That's impregnating people against your will, going into your body, violating your sovereignty, so to speak, right? That's evil and demonic. I got it. That makes sense. That makes sense. Okay, what's next on my list here? Demons entering, Satan entering. Then Jesus himself, when his ministry was proceeding, he would do some unbelievable stuff. Other than walking on water, he would actually disappear before he raised from the dead, by the way. This is just, you know, I don't want to say regular Jesus, but just like us. He disappeared... literally, and walk through a whole crowd without being touched. I mean, really, go read that. How did that happen? That was a miracle. That's anomalous. That's utilizing the unseen world or something. But he walked through the crowd, untouched, invisible. Then after he rose from the dead, and yes, he did rise from the dead. That's what Christians believe. That's what we have to believe. He never sinned, and went to the cross for our sins, and he rose from the dead. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. And he's coming back. But the point is, after the resurrection, he was walking through walls. The doors were locked and closed, and boom, there he is in the room. He wasn't in the room, and now he is. How did that happen? So again, he has authority or he has power over anomalous things, time and space or solid objects. Not a problem. You can go right through them. whether the crowd or the doors in the locked room appearing and disappearing at will, this is a UFO. This is a UAP conversation. Is it not? They're appearing and reappearing. They're doing things that we can't explain. They're going to solid objects like a mountain. We've seen this on video. It's proof. Okay. There's no, it's not speculation. Okay. It's not a theory. It's not a crazy person seeing something. We have it on video and many instruments where UFOs, UAPs, going into solid objects, through walls, into mountains, and out the other side as if it wasn't even there. So to me, that's pretty analogous. to what Jesus was doing. Again, obviously it can't be demonic. It's not evil. This is Jesus doing these things. It's God. So disappearing at will, going through walls, walking through people, invisible, all that stuff, that's good. That's godly stuff. Paul, the Apostle Paul, he went through many, many things in his walk after he was converted. Even that, I didn't even include that. Paul saw and heard Jesus, but the people on the road to Damascus, right? He wasn't a believer. He was persecuted in the church, the Christians at that time. He assented. He gave permission for Stephen to be stoned in public. That was the first Christian martyr. But anyway, so Paul is now speaking to Jesus and Jesus knocks him down. He hears and sees him, but he said the others with me couldn't. They heard a voice but didn't see anything. Again, that That phenomena is happening. But Jesus is already in heaven. He already rose. He ascended to heaven in a cloud, right? That's what it says in Acts chapter one. And here it is in Paul's years later or later, whatever, resurrected Jesus is talking to him. He sees him in a vision, and now he talks to him. And this is how Apostle Paul is born, basically. This is how he goes to all the Gentiles now and spreads the gospel, and the church explodes because of what happened there on that day. I didn't even include that. That was stupid. But then Paul himself, perform many miracles. He would just be, he would be healing people left and right. Same as Jesus. He was stoned, but he didn't die. That doesn't happen. That doesn't happen. Um, you get stoned in your brain. You're out. You're, you're done. Your bones are broken. You're finished. He didn't die. He was bitten by poisonous snakes. No big deal. In fact, no, it's like he never was bit at all. He just shook it off. Literally, shake it off. He shook it off right to the fire and continued on his way that night. And it says the people watching him thought he was a criminal at first. He was evil because he got bit. He must be, you know, God, the gods must be sending this to punish him because he was evil and he got off of that ship. But he's really not good. But now all of a sudden he's not even hurt by the snake and the snake's dead. And like, he's not a criminal. He's a God, right? So that happened. And then I just want to write to Revelation, the book. Hey, later, bond servant. Sorry. I know I'm going on a bit here. But we're almost done. So the book of Revelation itself has obviously a tremendous number of anomalous things, phenomenon happening. Angels are intervening like crazy. There's all kinds of stuff happening. Many interventions by good angels, right? The trumpets, announcing this and that, the seven churches. I mean, you name it. There's tons of good angel activity, even the war in heaven, right? With Michael and his angels fought against Satan and his angels. And then at the end of the process, Satan and his angels come back to the earth. That's the only time... in the Bible that he's back on the earth since he tempted Jesus, by the way. Um, In a body form, his body, he himself. Anyway, so that happens, but good angels and fallen angels, and from heaven, like we said in Revelation 12, they're cast out of heaven, so they're in heaven right now. But they're there, and not only in heaven, but under the Euphrates River, as they're chained up in the Euphrates River, some four really bad angels, they're chained up in the Euphrates, and they'll be released at some point near the end. And then, of course, in Revelation 9, you get a bunch of, Call them demons if you want or just evil creatures coming up from this abyss, this hole, this crevice, this volcano. I don't know what this is, but definitely there's both. Revelation, you have tons of good supernatural anomalous things happening and negative. Both of them are in there. And then, of course, it ends with, or throughout the book, it talks about the return of Jesus in a vehicle. from the sky, in a vehicle. Some of the scriptures say in a cloud, but some say on a white horse. I think they're both figures of speech. I think he's just riding a vehicle like he did in Ezekiel. That's my view. And then that's the end. Then we've got judgment and all that stuff. But the point is, there's tons of stuff in Revelation that fit both of the good side and the evil. Okay, so out of all of that, out of all of that, Let's tally it up. And I just put in bold. You probably can't see that. It's probably not formatting over. Sorry about that. But out of all those things, I've got about 30, 31, 32... Total incidents. And as far as what's demonic or evil, that's anomalous phenomena. We're talking about things flying in the sky. We're talking about things in bodies. We're talking about miraculous events. We're talking about things not burning. We're talking about, you know, seas being parted, walking on water, time traveling, disappearing, all that stuff that you could definitely talk about in a UFO, you know, UAP talk. Out of all the incidents in the Bible, out of 30 plus that I just listed there, I've got six, really five and a half that are demonic. Genesis 6, Pharaoh's magicians, the witch of Endor calling up Samuel, Satan in the desert tempting Jesus, and then demons entering people, or Satan entering someone. And then half of Revelation. So that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Let's call it 6. Maybe it's 5.5, maybe it's 6.5. Let's call it 6 out of 30-something. That's like 1 of 5. That's 20%. Just fill up two. Good point. Philip was... I should add that. Yeah, Philip was taken, supernaturally disappeared. He baptized an Ethiopian government official, right? The Holy Spirit said, go catch up to that chariot. This guy's talking about me. And he did, and he witnessed to him, and he baptized him right there on the river, and then boom, he's transported. He not only disappears, but Philip, he's just a disciple. He's just a regular guy. He's not... You know, he's still alive, normal guy, and he's transported. He's taken miles away to a different city instantly. Thank you. Okay. Very good. So I've got at the most 20% of the anomalous phenomena in the Bible being evil. 20%. That means 80% is not. So, to me, this is a very clear caution to those who would say to assume and to reflexively knee-jerk reaction. Maybe I'm talking to you right now. Maybe I'm not, but If you see a UFO and your first comment is, that's a demon manifesting, you're clueless. I'm sorry, that's mean. But you really don't know what you're talking about because there's zero incidents in the Bible where that happens. Zero. We'll save this for another time. Now, I'm not saying it's good. I'm not saying there's no... There's not a negative possibility or a connotation or we've got to think about this more. But that's my point is think about it more. Don't reflexively just react to say, I saw a UFO or I see it on video. This must be a demon. What is that about? Demons can't do that. Where? All right? Demons, if you want to be serious about it, are earthbound beings. They can't appear as anything. They're spirits. Right? Okay, they're fallen angels. Okay. Where do they appear as anything different than what they look like? Do they use a vehicle to travel around? Maybe. Maybe. But again, there's no Bible on it. The only thing I can imagine is folks make a whole doctrine... Excuse me. Make a whole doctrine out of two sentences by Apostle Paul, basically, about... The prince of the power of the air being Satan, and we tend to think, okay, what does that mean? Just because things are happening in the air that we can't explain, it means it's Satan? You can't say that. Why does he allow airplanes to have missionaries, you know what I mean, like taking the gospel to the ends of the earth on an airplane? If the air belongs to him, why wouldn't he just, you know what I'm saying? I think there's more to that than we know. I think we're mistaken to think it's the air that we can see. Or our regular old atmosphere. And just because we see UFOs in our atmosphere, somehow that's satanic. It doesn't compute. There's way more info you need then to make that decision, to make that statement. Especially as a Christian, you're supposed to know what you're talking about. And we're supposed to have backup on this, not opinions. Or baseless. Say, oh yeah, that's in the Bible when it's not. That's a problem. What else? What other thing would he say? There's a great deception. Okay. Of course. That's the end times drama, right? Yes, there's a great deception. But what's the point of it? And what does it look like? None of that's in there. false miracles by the false prophet. Okay, now we're talking about the very, very, very end of the age. It's not yet. And that person has to, that false prophet has to be on the scene. He has to be a person. You have to see him doing things. Anyway, that's a whole other can of fish. But Shalom. Shalom. Yakov. What's up, brother? That's Jacob, Yakov. Okay, so any questions? Now is the time to do it. I hope this survey has helped people to see what's going on a little bit better. All right. Hey, Eric, I see your awesome question. Hang on a I'm not Yehudi. Is that a Jewish person saying Yehudi? I don't know. I'm a Gentile saved by grace in the Jewish Messiah. I love the Jews. You have concerns? Okay, Yakov. Did you listen to any of the hour-long episode and know what we're talking about? If so, yes, you may address your asked concerns. If not, please watch first. And then ask me later on the comments. Eric, Eric, Revelation 12, 9. Will Satan be thrown down to the earth and trigger supernatural manifestations? Well, now that is, I mean, he will be for sure, right? That's Bible. We know that that has not happened yet. And a lot of Christians maybe think it has, and it hasn't. But when it does, manifestations, I mean, I guess, I think there's a lot, Look, I don't know what Satan and his angels look like, but it seems like we're going to find out. So in terms of them themselves, again, we're assuming a lot. As believers, we assume all the time. We assume that when Satan and his angels are cast to the earth that we're not going to see them. Why would you assume that? Maybe that's just another way of saying to be on the earth means you can't be hiding in heaven. In other words, you have no access to that realm to be hidden anymore. Maybe you have to be seen. Maybe you have to see Satan and his angels exactly as they look. I don't know, but we got to think that that's possible. So instead of assuming that just means you're run-of-the-mill, like you're saying, demonic activity, they're not demons. We know that. Fallen angels are not demons. I know what you mean. I'm pretty sure I know what you mean by demonic meaning evil, evil entities. But demons themselves, remember, are not angels. They are not in the heavenlies. They're not in the sky. They're not with Satan now. They're bound to humans or on the earth looking for someone to possess. That's what Jesus told us. That's different. So will it trigger? I would think for sure, at least because we're told that same time that Satan and his angels are cast out, that this false prophet character in Revelation 13 is empowered with miracles to deceive the world. So did they go, are they exactly correlated one-to-one? Probably. Or they at least coincide. where Satan now says, okay, remember I told Jesus, I'm going to give you my kingdom, all these kingdoms, if you just worship me. Well, now we've got this antichrist on the scene. Okay, you worship me, now you get all the kingdoms. Now that can happen, and the associated miracles and demonic, if you want to call it that, stuff comes from that. So yes, in that way, yeah. Sorry for the long answer. As a Jew myself, by the way, thank you for saying so, and thank you for being a part of the show here. And I serve a Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. Ezra HaKodesh is present right now in this conversation. As a Jew myself, what is evil, transgression of the law, and whom brought forth evil as evil? I'm sorry, this is not making sense. Is just sin, was it actually Eve? And not Adonai's prized possession, Lucifer the archangel? Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on. We got a lot of stuff going there. Prize possession. We know that Satan or Lucifer went bad, okay, and that he was in the Garden of Eden, and he's the one who presented this bad option to Adam and Eve, and that created the problem, right? They listened to him instead of God. Yehovah, right? I don't like Adonai. Adonai just means Lord. So they listened and said it to their father, to the serpent, the shining one, the Nazcash, the liar. So you won't really die. You're going to know everything if you do this. So that's sin. Right? Evil is evil, but people sin. Right? You transgress the law, but you can come into, with Yeshua and the cross, you can come into right standing with him and be forgiven of those transgressions. The God of the earth as... Oh, that's the other sentence I was going to bring up. The God of this world... Remember, Yeshua says the God of this world is Satan, but he has been cast out. In other words, he doesn't have power over you if you're one of mine. That's his authority because of what Adam and Eve gave up. It was theirs, but now he has control, but he doesn't get to do what he wants because God cursed him. The serpent, remember, says you're going to be cursed to eat dust the days of your life, and it just so happens that Adam and Eve are made of dust. So he's obsessed with humans. Satan, for whatever else, or Lucifer, whatever else he could do or was up to or planned on, he is now cursed to just be obsessed with human beings. That's what I believe. Demons are not fallen angels. Nope, they are not. Well, the Talmud is not Scripture. And there are others that tell us exactly what demons are. And they're the spirits of those Nephilim, those ones that were produced from fallen angels mating with humans. And they're bound to the earth. So created by fallen angels, okay. But demons are a whole other thing. Doesn't it say, God loves the children of God like a mother can't forget her children. Like, mother can't forget her children, so it's explicit God still loves him. No doubt, but punish him. He's referred to the morning star. No, he doesn't. No, no, no. Satan, Ezekiel and Isaiah tell you clearly he's in open love. rebellion and usurping of the throne of god god has judged him he says he's already been judged new testament tells you that if maybe you don't know the new testament uh so he says that his god of this world has already been judged satan's already been judged it's over He's here for God's purposes now, to be obsessed with humans and to eventually go into the lake of fire. That's the purpose, remember, the lake of fire is to destroy the devil and his angels. So there you go. All right, guys, we're done for the day. Thank you for being here. Thank you for the awesome input and questions. And again, see below for the list of anomalous phenomena that, as far as I can tell, is about 80% not evil. So let's not assume too much when we see these things happening in the world that hopefully, you know, if we're believers, we have the Holy Spirit to tell us what's what. And let's not assume because it's going to get bumpy out here for sure. All right. Until next time, Lord willing, we'll see you on Monday night for End Time Church and back here for Unsealed. This has been Wings of the Eagle. Bye-bye. Thank you.

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Okay, what I'm going to talk about today is kind of sad, actually. It's kind of sad. And see this, like the shirt I chose for myself today, obviously, I didn't know what I was going to talk about.

But it's a pastor friend of mine in New Jersey. This is Operation Safe Haven. He's provides homes basically for homeless veterans.

It's an awesome thing. He himself is a longtime military service member, even going up to protecting the First Lady on security details. So he knows what this is all about.

Shout out to Pastor Donnie. But anyways, I also checked out what Ross Coulthard had put. He just put his speech out from the heck is it called scientific study UAP conference, whatever just happened where he's happening right now.

The past couple days and the thrust of what he was saying. I'm glad he did. I'm very glad, actually, that he said what he did and put forward what he did, which is a lot of stuff.

It's over an hour long. But most pointedly is as an Australian, that guy, of course, is from America. But he made the point to say, you guys in America have to, if you are actually opposed to secrecy and, and the, you know, keeping secrets for the purpose of national security, that's actually hurting your country and hurting your institutions and actually ripping the country in into shreds, and the Constitution into shreds.

If you really are opposed to that, do something about it. Because as is you're not. You're just complaining.

He didn't say that I am. Don't want other people to do the work. He didn't say that I am.

But he did say you're screwed. If you don't, America is gone. If we who are here don't care, and continue to not care.

That was a paraphrase of what he was talking about. So I'm very glad that he did. Because he's right.

100% correct. And I really believe that. I've always had an interest, obviously, this past year, we're coming up on almost a year of doing these types of podcasts, centering on the UAP UFO issue.

It's because it's not because it's just interesting, which it is, you know, as a personal interest, sure. lifelong, you know, interest for me, but I never really talked about it until this past year, because it was more of ancillary, kind of a sidebar, you know, not, not ultimately important, it's really not making a huge difference in the world or in my country, but I was wrong. I was I was wrong about that.

It's made a giant impact. And it's literally torn the country apart. It's among other societal issues, obviously religious issues, but when in the name of national security, you're keeping a decades long secret, I understand about not publicizing the nuclear bomb, right? Okay, you get there's a world war on that's when it started, right? Manhattan Project, we have to, Hitler's working on this, we hear we've got to beat them to it.

Like, I get it. But from there, it's just just snowballed into a group, however large or small, deciding that they know better than the people of the country, and the representatives in the government, which are supposed to be in control of everything. That's what a democracy is.

Or that's what a republic is, that we have a constitutional republic, with separation of powers, you don't get to have power consolidated in one group. The whole point of it, this whole experiment of a country that we have, is to separate the powers. One person or one group cannot be the executive and the court and decide what laws to follow, which is exactly where we find ourself.

You know, through the various means and tools and machinations of how secrets are kept, we call them special access programs or controlled access programs, depending on whether it's in the military or the intelligence side. Those secret programs are illegal. You can't have them.

I mean, they do it anyway. That's what I mean by saying you're actually destroying the country, you're saying you're protecting, you're saying you're keeping secrets for security's sake, but you're not telling, by not telling the Gang of Eight, for example, which itself was a compromise, because they weren't telling what they were supposed to. What we call the Gang of Eight is four members of the House and four from the Senate that have to be told every program.

That's the law. And there's a very good reason why. It's the law, because there cannot be any secret programs run by any part of the government that somebody doesn't know about who's an elected leader, who is accountable to the people.

That's the point of the Declaration of Independence. That's the point of the Constitution. There is no country without those things.

And, you know, again, people are like, hey, what's up, Lawrence, my brother from another mother? What is up, my friend? Yeah, feel free to chime in, you guys. The point is, you're trying to say we're protecting the country. You're actually destroying it.

And in fact, it's already done. I don't see a way out of this. I don't.

And, you know, I get a lot of my, again, my tribe or whatever, my conservative, you know, Republican, most of the time Christians like me, that's me. We're always talking about saving America. And it's what are we talking about? Delusional.

Nothing to save. There's nothing to save. Right? It's like human nature.

Well, don't tell me all the ugly facts. I just want to have my house and car and my retirement. Right? It's all about the economy, stupid.

Right? Other than that, do what you will. Don't tell me about it. I don't want to know.

Need to know basis. Well, the secret, the people keeping the secrets love to hear that because that means that their psychological operation against you has worked. You're not going to be a problem.

And if all politicians do is do these culture wars all the time and, you know, don't like this guy or that guy. And I just have to get reelected. And that's all they're thinking about.

They're out of the picture too, because they're self-fulfilling. The epithet, the epithet that the national security crime Lords tell us is that the reason why we're not keeping, we're not telling is because the quote unquote temporary employees can't be trusted with it. You know what they are talking about? The temporary employees are your elected officials.

When the declaration says that your nation can only be ruled by the consent of the governed, the consent of the governed of the governed is me. And you, if you're a citizen that our consent to your rule is in election, you are, you have to be accountable to be removed. Everything you do has to be known by an elected representative that I send some kind of way, but that this is the, to me, this is the major, at least from this angle, this is the major takeaway of this UFO coverup is it's not even about what the, what it is and what, who the intelligence is behind the UFOs and, and, and covering up of that technology.

And that's all bad, right? That's all very sad. You know, and the motivations behind the intelligence behind what's, what's going on. Do we don't, I don't think we even know that.

We don't know if it's what kind of motivation there is or what kind of goals that there are and what, what, what are they doing? Besides all that, the, the biggest, most pressing concern for me as an American citizen is my country's dead. It's dead and gone because there are more than a few, not just one instance and not just one time and not just under one president or something like that, where you can say, oh, it's all political. You're just after this because whatever.

And then it was finished after four years and, you know, let's just move on. You know, don't relitigate the past or something like that. It's multi-decade and multi-decade after decade, after decade, and it's still there.

So it spans every party, every ideology, every president, every Congress, every Supreme Court. They think they're above all of them. If there is any program, any thing, forget the president being notified of this and that, that's, I mean, you would think he would, he or she would be, but apparently you're not.

But that's the executive branch being jerky with its own self, with the executive branch, the Pentagon, the military, the intelligence, or the, this is all executive branch. It's not legislature, right? It's not the Congress. The Congress has to know.

It has to know. Every program you have, everyone. Yes.

You say, oh, they can't be trusted in this and that. They're going to leak this. That's why the gang of eight was created.

Those eight people are sworn to know and not say if it's really classified, they have to approve it. They have to be told why it's necessary. They have to be told how much money is being spent on it.

This is what David Grush was talking about. There is multi-decade, multi-billions, maybe even trillions of dollars, not known where it goes, which my money, that's the country's money, spent on programs that we don't know about. That's not legal.

And beyond not legal, it's unethical. It's immoral. It's anti-American.

It's all that stuff, but it's proof. If it happens one time for one day, if you have one program that operates for one day outside of telling Congress about it, the country is over and no one does anything about it. Nobody cares enough.

Maybe you're afraid. Maybe you made them afraid by threatening to throw them in Leavenworth or to kill them. To hurt their family.

This is true also. This is what's happened. It's ongoing.

Don't blab, otherwise it's too important. This national security state is too important to keep out of the hands of these temporary employees and God forbid the public. There's a doggone Cold War type arms race going on right now behind your back between Russia, China, and the United States, at least.

At least those three. To what? Is it nuclear weapons? No. Space weapons? No.

UFOs. To recover UFOs and to break their technology to use as superweapons against each other. That's it.

It's disgusting. But in Russia and China, they don't have to, I guess they pretend in Russia that there's some kind of elections or accountability even if Mr. Putin won't leave after 24 years now. That slimeball, warmonger, non-Christian Vladimir Putin.

At least they lie about trying to be accountable there, but China doesn't lie. They're just communists and that's it. They want the money that comes with capitalism to make everyone rich, but other than that, they know they control everything government-wise, so they don't have to tell anybody anything.

That's fine. But we're different. We're supposed to be in America, right? This is supposed to be different.

We have accountability. We have accountability to leaders. The civilians are supposed to control the military.

That's part of the deal. I am sorry. That's a tenet of our country, is the civilian population does not get told by the military what to do.

It's the opposite. But again, this particular group, and I'm not saying everyone in the military or anything like that, it's comparatively a very small group, but guess what? If you go along with these SAPs and USAPs and USAPs and CAPs and all this other junk and you don't speak up and you go along with it, you're part of the problem. America has been destroyed.

I don't know what we're trying to save because we don't care enough. Look how long this has gone on. Just the past 12 months, we've had these open hearings.

We've had legislation passed and then gutted. Leave the Senate in one form, can't get through the House because bribery and threats and whoever knows whatever else, a fake part of the Defense Department called Arrow. I mean, you name it, nothing really has changed at all.

Okay, there's some new laws last year. Great. Everything about UAPs, UFOs are supposed to be turned over to the National Archives by October.

That's why some people like Danny Sheehan are talking about October's a major, this is it, we're going to have disclosure by October. Bull. They don't care about the law.

Don't you get it? Even in the law, it says, well, you don't actually have to turn over your stuff to the archives if you say it's for national security reasons. What are we doing here? We're playing games. We're not serious.

So that's why I say national security has destroyed America. It's not securing us. It's not protecting us.

We have no control of our airspace, no control of our seas, no control of our defense. In the name of national security, we are unsecure and destroyed. It's already done.

There's nothing to salvage, really. In fact, I don't want to get all whatever religious on people who aren't here for that, I don't care. I am who I am, right? When the Lord spoke to me in 2012, after the election that year, it brought me out of politics forever, told me specifically, okay, if you don't know what the Holy Spirit is, you have no idea what I'm talking about.

But he says, what are you trying to say, basically? The America you think that exists doesn't. They don't want what you want. In fact, it basically doesn't exist.

It's a mirage. It's a shadow. Anyway.

So realization, that's hard to accept, maybe. But that's the reality and the truth, and it ain't going to change. We can plug our ears up and sing, you know, whistling past the graveyard your whole life if you want.

Doesn't change the track, the facts of the matter. All right, let's hear some questions by you guys, and maybe we'll get some more convo here. Oh, from India.

USA has some secret deadly weapons that no other nations know about. That's correct. In fact, and how do I say that? Because I don't know what they are.

Is it directed energy weapons like that type of stuff? Maybe. But it was confirmed again, even by Ross Coulthard in speaking, in his speaking over years, years to people in the defense industry and the intelligence industry that have told him that. Yeah, this is about weaponry.

What is your view of the April 8th solar eclipse in the USA? Obviously that already happened. Is it a warning from God against the United States, just like he gave the warning to ancient Assyrian Empire? No. I mean, I don't see how.

And we kind of went through that back in April. By the way, a big no thank you to the weather pattern that day. It was cloudy the whole day.

I can barely get any pictures of the eclipse right over my house and can hardly get anything anyways. And some folks were saying just like what you are, uncle, that it was a sign of something, a sign of judgment or a warning. Well, when you say the warning he gave to the ancient Assyrians, you're talking about Jonah and basically gave them a warning to repent or else I'm going to wipe your country out, your empire.

And so we sent a prophet to tell them that in advance. And they accepted it. They heard from the prophet.

They said, whoa, you're a prophet of Israel talking about the God of Israel wiping us out. What do we do? Or OK, I guess this is serious. The whole country repented from the king on down.

It was an official government decree. So if it was a warning from God, I don't know who the prophet was who was sent to Joe Biden because that would be analogous, right? It doesn't matter if they went on YouTube. They had to go to the leadership.

They had to go to the Senate, the House, Supreme Court, Joe Biden, etc. Tell them, God said this. This is what's going to happen on this date.

This is what's going to happen. And if you don't repent, it's going to be this is going to be the result. And so you have to lead a national repentance, right? Then maybe, but none of that happened.

And certainly now that it's two months later, I can't if it is a sign of what? We have to know what it's a sign has to come before the event, right? Like, you can't just be like, oh, a road sign that's in a different language. I can't read. That doesn't help me.

You know what I mean? So I don't think it's a sign of anything because what is it? What was the sign of? He says, I agree. USA is no longer a public democracy, but there is a secret cabal that governs the country. Yeah.

And I don't even like to say it that way because that's very QAnon. Okay. That's very crazy.

I mean, this is conspiracy thinking secret cabals running this and that. I really don't want to say that because that could mean anything. And I'm not, I'm not coming down on you, brother.

I'm just, that's why I don't use those phrases because they've been used for years and years and years to apply to absolutely everything, everything you don't like, or things that are conspiracies that you will hear about all of a sudden is now a secret cabal controls the information that controls the government. Like I need frigging evidence. Give me data.

Give me, show me proof of what, why there's a, who the, you know, why is there a secret? Show me the documents, show me the comments, uh, you know, of leaders, show me the, the contradictory, you know, what's the real truth versus what we're being told all that stuff. UFO issue has all that. None of that, none of those other things too.

Maybe JFK assassination. That's, that's a, that's about all I've ever seen. That's credible.

American Republic is dead. Some people now predict the rise of American Caesar in the near future, just like how the Roman Republic gave way to the Roman Empire. Um, it's possible.

Um, we've got a very incredibly terrible election choice coming up. Very, I mean, it's the worst you think to, I thought 2016 was the worst. Um, this might actually be worse because you've got two octogenarians who are losing their mind.

Literally one is going into dementia, Joe Biden, and one is going into crazy town and should be in a psych ward, Donald Trump. So that's your choice. And, uh, the third party, I don't know if Kennedy is going to make any noise or not.

He might get a heck of a lot of votes, but at the end of the day, they're not going to let them participate in debates. They're not going to make it, you know, like the two party system defend itself rabidly. So, um, I doubt Mr. Kennedy is going to win anything.

Um, but yeah, the, the, will we choose a Caesar in the future? Perhaps. I mean, look to me, it's a choice. You want socialism or do you want fascism? I don't want, I don't want either one.

Thank you very much speaking. And there goes my light. Um, okay.

Um, hopefully you can still see okay out there. I don't want either one of those. I really don't.

And, um, Mr. Trump's sure seems like he would be just fine with being a Caesar. Anyway, that's our, that's our choice. And Ross Coulthart was what I started talking about, led off the show with today.

Um, I encourage you to go listen to it. Uh, I didn't link to it, but it's very good. I shared a clip, um, on my channels this morning from it, uh, about how basically he's, um, he talks about the weapons that have been developed from the UAP recovery programs.

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