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Reading List:

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up, 1941–1973 - Richard Dolan

The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 (UFOs and the National Security State Book 2) - Richard Dolan

Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders' Account of the Secret Government UFO Program - James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, George Knapp

In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science - Ross Coulthart

UFOs & Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites - Robert Hastings

Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers - Jacques Vallee

The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influence on the Human Race - Jacques Vallee

The Edge of Reality: Two Scientists Evaluate What We Know of the UFO Phenomenon - Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek

American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology - DW Pasulka

Encounters: Experiences with Nonhuman Intelligences: Explorations with UFOs, Dreams, Angels, AI and Other Dimensions - DW Pasulka


Welcome back to Unsealed, the official podcast of Wings of the Eagle. I am your host and the friend, hopefully, Christopher Mantei. And welcome you in, everyone who's watching. Hello, Tiki, my brother. Transorbital Thursday, I'll take it. I'll take it. And Bondservant is eagerly anticipating this content today. with popcorn in hand. That's awesome. And our friend T-Rex, Trans-Siberian Orbital Thursday. Now that's complicated. Although we do love the TSO, right? All right. Praise God, everybody. This is a Christian program. Yes, it is. But we talk about sometimes stuff that is uncomfortable or... controversial, and this is one of those times. So please, if you are here live watching or listening, please make yourself known. Who are you? Where are you from, etc. If you're a new listener, love to hear from you. Just say hi. And of course, we have a lot of materials at Wings of the Eagle that you want to check out. We have a free app called Anyway, let's get to it today because It's happening as we speak. As we speak, was it earlier this week? Was it Monday or Tuesday? First of all, there's the new NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act, as part of that. As you know, there was some major UAP language in the original version that was crafted last year in the senate which passed out of the senate no problem but then once it got to the house there was problems and um certain reps like mr mike turner like we talked about last week killed it uh or gutted it at least those those parts that were very most offensive but they didn't get all of it um part of it um Part of it remained, and it was, I guess, to them, innocuous or not uncontrollable or whatever, which is a new law or new part of the law which requires now all entities from the defense and intelligence organizations meaning the Pentagon and the CIA and all those related agencies, if they have any UAP, UFO-related documentation that has not been released or unclassified that is more than 25 years old, 25 years old and older, must be unclassified and submitted to the National Archives by October. That requirement began this week. There is an out there. If they say it should remain classified, even though it's old, they have to go through a process to have it... I'm not sure if it's the presidential level. I think it is. Give a good reason, basically, why it should remain classified. And if it's not, then you send it to the archive so the country can see it. And so that's what's begun. And there has been a good amount, in fact, a massive amount, already turned over. And if you are watching on YouTube, especially, I try to... Put as many places as I can. But if you're on the YouTube channel, Wings of the Eagle YouTube channel, or my personal one, in the description, it may work on Facebook as well. I tried. I don't know. But go to the description. You'll get a link directly to the National Archives listing of all the new stuff that's come in. I believe there's 400 pages. Not documents. 400 pages of documents and videos and pictures and all kinds of goodies so that is and that's not done right you would think that um this is the initial turnover and then anything else um is maybe being fretted about, but they're going to try to maybe keep it. Maybe they'll just turn it over by October. Throughout the year, maybe little bits will come out. I don't know. But it is very interesting. Very interesting. So again, the link is the first link that you'll see in the description. Actually, I'm going to share the screen here and see if you can see where it goes for you. All right. National Archives. By topic, records related to UAP, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena at the National Archives. Here's a little write-up about it and about where you can get it. Moving images. Textual records. blog posts and articles this is the the landing page um then if you go to the left you can search by the type where you can find them um anyway if you just go there and search let's say ufo project bluebook I mean, there's a bunch of stuff there, and if you start digging, and you don't have to, thankfully, people have kind of been doing this work, but it's a lot of stuff. So that's happening right now, and it's never been done. Why has it never been done? Because folks don't want to turn stuff over for whatever reason, for things that don't exist. And already, folks who are vigilant about this have exposed, not exposed, have just proven several lies over the years that we were told about certain incidents. Well, nothing happened here. It was just this or that. But here's the actual record. You know, here's the actual conversation. Whoops. Turns out we were not telling the truth on that. But that's OK. This is what's going to happen. It's a good thing. All right. So that's number one. In fact, let me get a let me try to show you something even maybe better. I've saved in here somewhere. There it is. No, never mind. Anyways, there's good stuff in there. Okay, so go for it yourself. Okay, go to the archives and you're going to see some interesting things. um all right now a lot of folks have asked um over the past six seven months or whatever how long it's been uh since we started re-engaging or started covering this topic at all here on unsealed um is for reading a reading list basically um you know what how do you get up to speed on this right and thankfully um people maybe trust my, not my opinion, but what's, what's worth your while to read and what's not garbage. And so personally, I think the best way to approach this issue is not emotionally. It's not anything other than the truth. What's the facts. And in that I, I really don't want a lot of opinions or even experiences. Really? Okay. I don't, I'm not, it's easy to manipulate that or for people to, you know, not understand what they're seeing or experiencing or whatever. Not that all of it's not true. I don't know that, but what is much easier to document and to understand is from the government and military perspective. official side to me that's the easiest way to establish the truth of the matter um even though we know they don't tell the truth all the time it's the fact is that there now is a lot of work being done by authors and researchers um and historians to point out exactly what has been done so the reading list again it's completely below if you're on youtube links to Amazon of all the books that are mentioned. There's actually some in there that I did not mention, but let's go through what you do see. The first few are called historical or government-focused. Okay, this is, again, this is my... It's the way my mind works the best to piece things together. It's my recommendation to you if you're legitimately interested. If you've already reached conclusions, then God bless you. See you later. I mean, fine. But here to tell you that even the people you think know for a fact don't. They don't. Still to this point, and it's been decades now, there is legitimate, I don't know if confusion is the word, but unable to pin it down. exactly what is going on that's why they call it the phenomenon because it's a um or phenomena plural because it's more than just um you know a solid object that showed up in our atmosphere one day and what do we do about that it's more intricate so reading list um I'm reading through right now Richard Dolan's stuff. Richard Dolan is a historian by training, okay? He was into the Cold War history and stuff. So this is how he goes about things, and I appreciate that. I mean, I love that. This is how I will process and catalog things in my brain and be able to say – well, okay, here's this, this happened, then this happened, then this happened, then this happened, then this happened. That's what he's done. The first edition that you see there is called UFOs in the National Security State, Chronology of a Cover-Up, 1941 to 1973. And when he says that, and by the way, that book is 800 pages long. And it's not opinion. And it's not fluff. And it's not speculation. All it is, Is evidence is say this happened on this date. This meeting happened in this location. These people were involved. This is what was said. This was, you know, either backed up or contradicted by so-and-so who said this. We go through the very real formation of the CIA, of the Air Force, of Project Blue Book, which was not even the first. Project Grudge, Project Sign. Okay, like how they all happened, who they happened under, the authority, laws that were cited in either telling or not telling about certain events. I mean, all that stuff. So you... Excuse me. You definitely, definitely want, if you're anything like me, you definitely want to not jump to conclusions, but see the actual history, actual history about what has happened by who, to who, and what was done about it. So I really recommend that starting there. If you are coming to this, you know, in the internet age and you're seeing stories or videos or testimonies and you don't know what to do with it, or you really want to jump to conclusions you know, the reflexive position of Christians, which is they're demons or the other side of the coin, which is there are peaceful space brothers and can't be told anything else. or some secret stuff that we have back to 1941. Anyways, go read that, okay? That's 1941 to 1973. There's a sequel. Of course, there is called The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973 to 1991, which the same thing is done, the same care and precision by Richard Dolan, to go through step-by-step, year-by-year. That's how the book's organized. It's just 1954. These things happen, right? That's how it's presented. So maybe it's not exciting. It's probably not exciting. Maybe it's boring to most readers. It's not an engaging drama, but to me it is. Truth is always interesting. So then there's this, that's the second edition by the same author. He is working on a third one. I'm not sure when it's going to come out, but it's going to come up to the current day, maybe 2024. I don't know. But anyway, so get those two for sure. They're really long, and they're, again, not like a story format, but it's worth it. The next one that you see on the list is called Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. These are not fictional, okay? This is history. An insider's account of secret government UFO program by James Akatsuki, Colm Kelleher, George Knapp. James Akatsuki, I believe, is still in the Pentagon today. Like, he still works there. So the things that he will say or admit to is rare. Like... It's all very, very classified. His life is classified, basically. And he doesn't say much, but he wrote part of that book. Colm Kelleher was part of this thing called BAS, and it became OSAP program. You read all about it in there. But yes, it's real. So go read that. Again, it's real history. It's really about Pentagon program. It's really about something that actually happened and not too long ago. We're talking about the 1990s and the early 2000s. So it's not like ancient history. It's not like Roswell or something. This just happened. In terms of history, it just happened yesterday. Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. The next on your list is called In Plain Sight. This is fantastic because it is an overview of basically all those other books I just mentioned. It's almost like a highlight of the major events of the past several decades, including the current trajectory of more and more being revealed. And so Ross Coulthart is that author. You probably know him. He's the Australian guy who's doing all these interviews and talked to David Grush before anyone else. There's a vote of thumbs up from Bond Servant, who I actually read in plain sight. Yeah, it's, it's, it's really good. And again, he's a journalist. Okay. He, he's like, he was never into UFOs or anything before. He had a real job, right? Really investigative journalist, not a newspaper writer. Okay. This is a guy like, I don't know, like old school, um, you know, go into the mob, you know, like infiltrate, ask questions, like investigate the stuff. And he's really good. So there's that. It's called an in-plane site and investigation into UFOs and impossible science. And then finally, again, a very long kind of sterile work called UFOs and Nukes, Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapon Sites by Robert Hastings. This is an aspect of this story that got my attention, like originally. Like, hang on. I don't care about like any other opinions or views or what you think of UFOs, but if you're telling me they're They're violating nuclear sites. To say restricted airspace over a nuclear facility or a launch site, that's an understatement. No one's there. No one's flying there. You try to fly anything over a nuclear plant, any type of nuclear site from the U.S. military, you will get shot down. Don't go there. Okay. That's a no fly zone. And it's always been that way. It's always been that way. And yet you're going to see through reading these books and especially this UFOs and nukes one. They have really been violated constantly. And it's scary. Like this is supposed to be the most, you know, secret, secure, get out of here. What are you doing around here? You don't fly around here. But yet things have been constantly flying around there for decades and decades and decades. And so Hastings has just started. He just started interviewing people who work there. worked at these sites, worked at the silos, worked at the airfields, you know, et cetera. So anyway, again, it's a very long book. Okay, Tiki, stop with the debunking stuff, okay? If you don't want to listen to this, fine. right this is not for you then just move on okay I know I understand I get it but imagine if I don't know um and I'm sorry for the audio only people uh we've got people um people free to make comments on video here um Imagine if, I don't know, something that you've already moved on in your understanding about, let's say the rapture. Let's say a pre-trib rapture person, which I know you're not, kept on coming on your, you know, posting things about how the pre-trib is true. Even though you've already told them, you've already decided on this. mean not to diss them but like how would that make you feel so I'll just leave it at that okay uh so this is the reading list if we're really if we really want true things read this stuff and then make your mind up right don't go on character assassinations see what's actually happening okay there's those are all focused on historical and government um There's another focus to this, though, when we're talking about what's actually going on is what I am personally concerned about, which is the societal impact or the religious impact. So there are works by folks in this regard. As well, again, not to say this is what it is. UFOs or the phenomenon is demonic or is totally awesome. Space Brothers is trying to help us out, not destroy the world. None of that. But actual changes in society and focus on that. Really, it's a classic book that everyone probably should read by Jacques Vallée called Passport to Magonia from Folklore to Flying Saucers. When did that come out? Like the summer? 70s or 60s Jacques Vallée is almost like I don't want to say a legend but in this he's more of an academic okay he's not he helped invent the internet And he has been a deep thinker on this stuff for a long time, and the writing that he's done has been used by government people for years. They all read it because they know it's important. So the seminal work from him is called Passport to Magonia. And in it, again, he's intentionally not saying what he thinks. It is because he doesn't know. Because he sees these things not just recently, not just the past 10, 20, 30, 40 years, even before his lifetime, before Roswell, before the 20th century, before flight. Things like this have been happening. And again, a lot of it was termed, you know, folklore. and stuff like that, and it changes over time, it seems. And so he writes about it. It's very important work. Okay. From that work, he actually got together with other scientific and philosophical minds and stuff. In the academic world, right? In the academic world, these are the nerds, okay? If you're a nerd and you like to read, these are the types of people for you. And they formed a group called the Invisible College, right? And what that means is they didn't want to be publicized. Um, they weren't going to have any public discussions or write, you know, books about it per se, but they're just doing their own, um, investigation and talks and research about it. And to get to the, if they can find out what they can. So there's a book by Valet about that, um, called the invisible college what a group of scientists had discovered about ufo influence on the human race again that's where he's coming from it's not even about you know detailing what these things are it's like the influence and the impact um on people that this thing has had so again that might not interest you that's fine but it's important it's an important aspect of this One of the guys he did consult with and work with, his name is J. Allen Hynek. They wrote something together called The Edge of Reality. Now, this is more of a physics. And the lines of perception and what's real and in the physical world and how are these things like dimensions and stuff. The Edge of Reality, Two Scientists Evaluate What We Know of the UFO Phenomenon, Jacques Vallée and J. Allen Hynek. Definitely worth your time. And then, to close out, kind of like, I don't want to think, she might be, this lady is very much looked up to Jacques Vallée and they have had meetings together and she writes about it actually in a book called American Cosmic. And it doesn't sound maybe interesting to you, but it's called UFOs, Religion, and Technology. And again, this is something that she's a Catholic, but you should go to great lengths to say that has nothing to do with her understanding. She's just trying to get the impact of of how this affects people in different cultures and seeing it through different lenses and the fact that basically, in a way, this whole UFO thing is a new religion. in terms of how people are approaching it, right? And again, that's something that interests me because I thought I'm interested in a new religion, but that's how folks are processing it and how Christians or marginal cultural Christians can be influenced on this both ways, right? Pulled apart or maybe forced to God about it or away from God. The true God. And so that's interesting to me and that's concerning to me. But she put together a really, really cool book of that kind of stuff. But to me, the best parts were the beginning and the ending. Because she actually was invited and participated in a person who she calls an invisible person. someone who still works in the government on what you would call the program okay the program um and about his life not his real name or any info about him that would reveal who he is but um it's extremely interesting uh and where she was taken and the thing that they found when she was taken out there she was blindfolded to get there it's a whole cool story and then the end of that book. She actually goes with that person to the Vatican archives. Talk about the archives like today, the Vatican archives, which has apparently a century's worth of like astronomical records, like Galileo stuff. Copernicus right like that level of things that have been seen and records of events and she she melds that with what else is in that archive which is kind of what you would call supernatural or paranormal events from believers okay from church people over the years and um it's just very interesting and anyway this I'm not spoiling anything but if you do read that you're gonna to me it's like how did the vatican people know who this secret invisible guy was they did because they did I'm not conspiratorializing or whatever. It's just very interesting. Okay. And then she wrote a follow-up to what just came out called Encounters, Experiences with Non-Human Intelligences, Explorations with UFOs, Dreams, Angels, AI, and Other Dimensions. Okay. That's what I'm talking about. Okay. That's how full this issue is. And that's what it involves. All those things. So it's just much more than maybe we want to make it. Maybe our minds right now, if we've never thought about these things, we're just thinking about machines in the sky and maybe it's people making it up or people ought to make money off it or is it real or it's military, what are they doing or whatever. But there's far more to it. And no matter how much you want, we want to not make that connection there, it keeps coming up. And so those are my recommended reading list right now for those who not only are interested, you know, who are curious intellectually, but who actually want to get to the bottom of it, because it's going to affect, it is affecting, and it has, it will, and it will exponentially more be impacting the church. And will cause people to fall away and will cause others to come to faith, especially if the church provides that landing place. And the fact that we church people shouldn't be so arrogant to think we know what this is when no one else does. We've never studied it, but yet we know all about it. I saw some links here and there, and that makes me an expert, right? So anyway, it behooves us as believers to really put our biases aside, and we have them. We do. And yeah, we think we're all about God and Jesus and the Bible, but that's not always true. We're just human beings after all, and we want to be right. And it's a very powerful motivator. um so anyway those that's the reading list there are there are more but a section I didn't put in in the description has to do with theorizing of origins like um okay if these things are real then where are they what are they where are they coming from um Are they good? Are they evil? Are they actually from out there? Are they from down here? Are they from a sideways place? All that stuff. So there's more, but I didn't list them. Okay. So that's the list for now. All right. So click away, read away, let me know what you think. And again, I don't... The Lord is leading this. He is. And he's putting people in positions where there's a massive, obviously, as we know as Christians, there's massive deception, right? Jesus said there's going to be massive deception. There is. There is. Just look at what's happening with Israel and the Jewish people and what people think about October 7th or the follow-up to that or the situation in Gaza, right? Just that, just that, just that. Tiny little event. Look how much deception and evil there is around it. So, when something like this comes out, and it looks like it's going to, whatever it is, the dam has broken, and God wants us, who care about the sheep and who care about lost souls, to be in a position to receive them to talk through it with other leaders christian leaders other denominations right to to know you know what we don't maybe we screwed this up we thought it was this or that but it's not or we never thought about it at all and all of a sudden all my people are asking me about it and they're leaving the faith because of it don't laugh at that that's true In fact, people have left the faith. This is why I started doing this because a guy, many of us have read and, and, um, really admired was, um, oh my gosh, I'm thinking all these other authors, uh, the brother who just died recently. Uh, oh my gosh. Unseen realm. Somebody tell me, um, Shoot, I forget. Michael Heiser. Thank you, Mount Servant. Thank you, Mount Servant. Um... Right. Heiser, he made it his mission basically because he knows of many believers who have left the faith because their churches laughed at them, scorned them, said they were being deceived because they either had an interest in this or they had an experience with something that was unexplainable. And they couldn't find it in the Bible, they thought. And their pastor said, you're just demonized. Right. That type of crap, and it is crap, is not what God wants. And it's not the truth. So I think God is raising up people who actually want to figure this out and to save souls through it and to stop souls from being lost who are believers. So that doesn't get much more important than that, right? So that's why this is being done. That's why I'm doing this. Um, and so what is your, um, opinions other than I'm sorry but not tiki's on this uh other things perfectly fine um bonds I used to wonder why god let so much air in the church even when he warned us and one day right you mean among believers right and one day I realized jesus gave us the ultimate mission and it's up to us to keep things correct with his help so folks so folks are without excuse actually because the truth is able to be known people choose yeah Oh, Gary. Hey, Gary. Is it speaking of a brother from other traditions or denominations? Watching what has been happening in the church since Pachamama has been heartbreaking. I'm sorry. What is that? What is Pachamama? Diane also asked that. Ed also asked that. Not spelled right, he says. uh the demonic earth mother idol the pope brought into the church ah I'm drawing a blank gary I'm sorry you're gonna have to help me out uh but not saying I didn't I don't I just don't know what that is Um, Anyway, I don't know. And when did that happen? Was this a long time ago? Was this recently? Anyways, obviously the church generally is kind of messy. It's a real mess. And we don't want to be judgmental on our fellow Christians in that way. But I want people to be saved. I want them to witness for Jesus. I want them to be... for him to be glorified and his name not to be besmirched because of our lies, because of our false prophecy, because of our wrongheadedness or stubbornness or pride, which has been the way it has gone, right? So it might have to happen in a general sense, but it doesn't have to happen on an individual level because he is with us to help if we're willing to learn and stay by him. uh pond servants googling it pat pack um mom pack a mama it sounds pretty funny uh anyways so when did this happen anyways um we don't need that to to deceive anyone right uh we've got enough of that going around for thousands of years um and if jock valet is correct I mean, the evidence is not disputable. I mean, there has been thousands of years of... What today you would call a UFO experience. Or even abductions or night, you know... Sleep paralysis and... and crazy stuff that can't be explained and machines that appear and disappear and like all that. It's not new. A couple of years ago, Gary says this happened, um, October 4th, Pope Francis. This is obviously a quote from a story because it's, it's very, uh, insulting. Paul French has attended an act of idolatrous worship of the pagan goddess Paca Mama. He allowed this worship to take place in the Vatican gardens. I mean, I can't imagine that he would worship something. It was a, it says like, it says attended an act of worship. I don't, I don't know, man. I don't know. And I'm not, I'm no fan of France. It's okay. I don't think he's very good at all. Uh, for the for the faith okay for catholic faith little c catholic faith right though the orthodox christianity um anyway okay well that's weird uh but does that have to do with this I don't know I don't think so anyways okay um here's just one thing I want to I want to um bring up before we go because we've been at this long enough I think unless you guys want to talk more ever that gary says ever since then since church doors have been flung open to demons pope did give the idol his blessing yeah I don't know I don't know anything about that but again the the church being deceived by false doctrines of course has never been a new thing it's been from the beginning from paul And from the seven churches in Revelation, right? So it's just something that's always been around. I just want to address one thing, and let's think about this. Seriously. And I don't really have an opinion on this particular topic. I'm just saying this is an example of arrogance that we don't want to do. Remote viewing, Tiki says, is a fancy term for divination. Maybe. It's Eastern mysticism, new age bunk. Now, when you say bunk, it means it's not true. It doesn't mean it's good. Right? Like the Old Testament says, don't mess around with talking to the dead. That's divination. Like Saul and the witch of Endor. Or to talk to spirits. That's divination. But why would God have a rule against it if it wasn't real? it was real they were talking to spirits talking to the dead now that happened through you know obviously rebellious means um but it was still real like the um If you're a saved person and you have a prophetic gift, if God uses that with you, he gave it to you, you can see things beyond where you are. You can know things that you couldn't possibly know. You can see a flash of an image of some person in some place or some location that's prophetic. I mean, that's a gift from God. Cause he wants you to see this or that, or he wants you to tell that communicate to some person, this or that, maybe something about their life. So they could be impacted. So they could come to faith possible or like all that. Okay. Right. That's the prophetic side of our faith. That's not fake. Now, what if God gives that same gift to someone, but they're not a believer, and they have the ability to exercise that, like to make it work? It doesn't mean it's a good thing, but the thing is not the problem. It's like a car. The difference between the driver of the car is depending on if you're going to obey the speed limit or you're going to plow into a restaurant. That's the good or the evil is the one who's driving it. You know what I mean? The car itself isn't evil. The gun isn't evil, right? I mean, it's designed to kill, but still, if you're an evil person with a gun, it's way different than a person who has no interest in harming anyone with a gun. that's what it's right okay so when you say it's bunk that means it's made up and not true I'm not saying yeah definitely a lot of times it is but there's doesn't mean the ability the thing itself doesn't mean it's bad and doesn't mean it's not true there's some things that god will give us whether we're saved or not before we come to faith He'll just naturally or whatever, however you want to look at it. So if you use your time and your abilities to serve God or to serve yourself or to serve another spirit or whatever, that's up to you. Anyway, I just want to throw that out there. Okay. I think the Russians have, or had had remote viewing project. Yes, they did probably still do just like we did or do not sure if we still do, but we definitely did. Um, they've made a movie about it. It's called, what's it called? The man who talked to goats or something like that. it came out not long ago like george clooney like some big star was in it anyway oh there it is ministeric goats yeah it's a real thing Any spiritual gifts are to be asked for in prayer. That's right. Things that God will give you when you ask. Yeah, for sure. T-Rex says, when I was into paganism, And that's not a joke. This is a testimony. I was in the paganism Astro projection or remote viewing were big goals and it is scary stuff. That doesn't mean I would ignore someone's UFO research if they practice that stuff. In other words. Okay. Yeah. The person's not saved and they're actually practicing that those types of things. Um, it doesn't mean what they're, what they're experiencing or what they're learning is wrong. and it's at least it would be valuable even if it's they're being lied to right the whatever the source of this um who they're communicating with or you know whatever um might be telling them lies but the fact is you can still use that I mean that's that's intelligence that's Okay, we know they're lying, but guess what? It's a them. It's a they. It's they're somewhere. And whoever this is, is telling this listener info for a reason. What reason? Right? Like... You can still say it's really happening, even though the message might not be true. The experience, what's actually happening might be true. So it's not about deception. It's about... learning the truth like jesus confronted those who are possessed with demons and the demons talk to jesus obviously the the demons are deceiving they're deceptive but at the end of the day the reason why they are possessing humans is because they want to like it's their goal because of what had happened to them in the past. All they want is a body, right? They just want to feel that again or whatever. So there's a reason... My thought would be that the aim is to draw people into that thing and away from God. Okay, what are we talking about? Again, I don't want to get off into all these areas about things being good for you. Nobody's suggesting anything like that. I just, as a thought exercise, I wanted to just say, just because you hear things that you don't think is normal doesn't mean it's of the devil, right? It means that it's possible and quite possibly if you are a saved person and if you know God, you can either use that in his service or if he's totally off... You're not permitted to do that if you serve God. Okay, awesome. But it's still going to affect a lot of people who are not saved yet. And to tell them, oh, well, that's just of the devil, that's not going to save them. Things are happening that millions of people are going to be affected. I care about those people. You should care about those people. And not just say, well, I know that's false, so I'm moving on. That's not what God would have you do. You're supposed to engage Muslims. You're supposed to engage the lost. But this whole issue that's not going away, and no matter how we might want to say, oh, it's all made up, it's not. This phenomenon is real. And so I hope we're ready. um t-rex just as let's wrap it up with this uh for example joe rogan pushes all kinds of horrific psychedelic drugs yes he does he swears yes he does etc but that doesn't mean I would never listen to him interview an interesting guest which she has and I have and I agree I don't I wouldn't recommend the joe rogan the person uh but We would never be able to listen to anyone on anything who was on saved if we use the criteria of refusing to listen to them on everything they have to say. Yeah. Because most, most often, unless they're actual, just flat out chronic grifters, a grifter is someone who knows what they're selling is not true. They're just trying to make money off it. Um, or like a snake oil salesman, he knows it doesn't work, but he'll tell you it does just to get you to pay. There's that obviously, but most of these folks that I'm talking about in these books that I want you to get educated with, there's nothing to do with that. There's no, nobody's winning in this. There's, um, nobody's making money. It's just something. Yes. Spiritual, but yes, also physical. Um, that is going to come out and we had better be ready. because it's different. We're not ready. We're just not. So let's get ready, because this is part of the whole process, apparently. Part of the whole process of the return of Jesus is times like this, and what can we do in the Spirit to stay in love and joy, peace and patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control, to serve not only the ones who already believe, but the ones who don't. To give the gospel in love. That's the point. So, yeah, get educated. And there's your reading list. All right? And go check the National Archives. It's stuff going all the way back to the 40s in there already. So it's pretty cool. All right. Praise the Lord, guys. Love you so much. Until next time, this is Unsealed, the official podcast of Wings of the Eagle. Whether you love it or hate it or you're indifferent, we'd love for you to support us. We've got a Patreon page about to launch, so you can do it that way or just directly at Would sure love to do that. partner with you. And of course, we've got the book called Fleet to the Mountains that's still out there now, four plus years, four and a half years out there in the marketplace. If you have not read it, I wrote that, please, please, please go get it, There's a course you can sign up for that is self-paced, um, take as long as you want. There's no dates or times that you have to meet. It's just whenever you can get through it. It's even, it's about twice as detailed as the book is. And then if you do get the course, you register for that as a student, then I'll send you a book for free digital version, obviously anywhere in the world. But if you're in the United States, I can send you a paperback if you really want that. Um, but anyway, so just take advantage. We're all in this together, right? As the body of Christ, um, And we want to be in a bigger body of Christ. Amen. A bigger one, much bigger, many more family members. That's what the father wants. All right. Bless y'all till next time. This is unsealed.

House Intel Chair Mike Turner says all members of Congress have access to info on "a serious national security threat." Requesting Biden "declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss" response actions. This podcast/ministry needs your support:


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Please give whatever you can today,, all forms of donation available. So please do that if you are able. I would really, really appreciate that because this is how this works. All right, we're not supported by any... Anybody. It's just us being supporters. Right. Okay. By the way, I'm not a hypocrite. I support other folks and work that is being done and so forth. So anyways, do it if you're inclined. We're going to talk about today something that happened. It was really weird. It was HelloBondServant. Hi. T-Rex is out there as well. Bless the Lord for you guys and gals. Please do share this, by the way. It would be very helpful on YouTube and Facebook right now. Oops, Instagram. I forgot to go live there. All right, we're good now. Right. Praise the Lord, everybody. So check in on Instagram. I know people have said they've tried to communicate in previous podcasts, but I didn't see their questions, so I'm going to be I'm trying extra hard today to find you. Okay, we're also, anyway, wherever we are, just share this. Thank you. Super easy to do. Just hit the share button. Right, so this past week, it was just Wednesday, I believe. something really weird happened. And obviously the past few months, many, not all, but many of our episodes here on this podcast have been about the UFO UAP government coverup issue. And so this is kind of about that, but kind of not. So what happened was, first of all, who is Mike Turner? Mike Turner is a representative of, um in the united states house um he's a very powerful member because he is the chairman um of oh my gosh I forget which which committee it is it's about intelligence and national security stuff Anyway, sorry. Things are going to happen. So he just... Who is he? First of all, you should know him because, if you're following the UAP issue, because he is, more than anyone else, the only one that for sure led the effort to torpedo or... in any ways make toothless um the 2023 or 24 whatever the most recent ndaa law which national defense authorization act which was what gives the pentagon and the security agencies their money and it's written in that law every year what you can and cannot do and stuff like that um and so one of the changes that was being that has been written up for the past year has been this uap issue and chuck schumer and marco rubio and others in the senate and the house both bicameral and bipartisan so in other words both houses and both parties house intel chairman thank you very much this is t-rex I love you um So he's over the Intelligence Committee, which was the CIA, which is all the defense intelligence in the Pentagon. Anyways, very big deal. I believe he's one of the Gang of Eight, if I'm not wrong about that. Somebody want to Google that? Gang of Eight we can talk about later, maybe, but The point is this guy spearheaded the effort to neuter, to remove the teeth as torpedo, the UAP language in the most recent NDAA, which was extensive in terms of – it would have been before they changed it. It would have been the law. It came out of the Senate like this. So the Senate said this is a-okay, but it's just when it got to the House of Mr. Turner that it changed. it would have been an extensive disclosure law akin to the JFK assassination laws, which is not total. There are still things about JFK that we, you know, files from the government that are still classified because the president keeps classifying it. But that's the point. It has to get to the president's level to remain classified. The default is to unclassify. and to reveal and to disclose, hence the term disclosure, about the UAP issue. And a part of it, of that law that was removed, that apparently ticked a lot of people off, including Mr. Turner and where he represents, which is in Ohio, the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which is an infamous place. Location for UFO study and the Roswell crash was taken there. And this is where the UFO studies in the 40s and 50s were headquartered. So who knows the extent of what they actually do there? But anyways, that's his district, okay? So Wright Patterson and the many, many defense contractors that exist in that part of the country, make sure Mr. Turner knows what they think, okay? Anyways, so he gutted this and took out the part that they hated the most, which was eminent domain. Eminent, eminent domain. Which would have made any – it's a law. You can read the original draft from the Senate. It's talking about non-human intelligence. The words are in there. Any craft or any materials or any engineering, any technology that derived from such materials or crafts or beings, NHIs, whatever, it has to be turned over to the government. Now it's our property. That's eminent domain. So they hated that, especially the contractors, the private aerospace companies like Northrop, like, oh, my gosh, what's the other one? Flipped my mind. Anyway, all the big ones. They hated that because why do they hate it? That means there is no other answer. It means they have technology that they don't want to give up and they don't want to lose their money or they don't lose their patents or they don't want to lose their stranglehold on the tech or whatever. Very sad situation. Anyway, that's Mike Turner. OK, so and it was he never gave any interviews except for one guy stopped him in the hallway literally 10 seconds and said, oh, yeah, the legislation is fine. Come talk to me about it. That was the whole when the debate about the schumer you know the senate version was being ripped apart uh he just played dumb and then his cell phone allegedly went off and he had to walk away it was it's pretty ridiculous anyway that's turner so he's back all of a sudden on wednesday valentine's day of course I'm out to lunch with my wife And breaking news, Mike Turner is saying there's a national security threat. What was the terminology? Oh, there it is. House Intel chair. Thanks. Mike Turner says all members of Congress have access to information on a, quote, serious national security threat. Mike Turner is requesting that President Joe Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the administration, and our allies can openly discuss response actions. That's what just came out of the blue on Wednesday. First thing I said when I saw that to my wife was, I follow this stuff pretty close. I mean, just governmental, you know, national security, you know, war and peace, all this for 25 years. Pretty close. I've never heard anything like that. I've never heard anybody say something like that. We've got an urgent security from the House side, the intel, not the president, but somebody under with classified info. And not only is saying this in public, but do it right now. I urge the president to declassify everything. Well, what the heck? And that's so just as a principle, maybe it has happened. I have no memory of it. The people on X and stuff were kicking around. They're like, has anyone heard this? Like, no, this was brand new. This was something that if it has happened, it's been a long, long time, maybe unprecedented calling for this is a guy with the highest security clearances. If he's the gang of eight, and the president are supposed to be in the know about every single program in America. Secret program. They're supposed to know about it. So anyway, he's an intelligence. Like, in other words, we know something about an enemy or whatever. And this is so urgent that I have to tell the public right now. And I have to let all Congress, all Congress. That means every House member and every senator is now going to be allowed right now to come down to my secret room. They call the skiff the base. We talked about skiff a couple of weeks ago. Remember? Yeah. every congressperson can now come down to the house skiff in their basement or whatever and get the full information right this second. Like, what the heck is this? And that's a lot of the UFO people are like, oh my gosh, this is it. And even like, I had the, put something on like with a question mark, you know, what? So, and between that and the calling for the declassification of Again, in public, immediately. So first of all, it's concerning, right? I mean, you never want to hear that from your leaders. This is the guy who knows all the secret Pentagon secrets, allegedly. And he's telling us we need to know something right this second. And he knows only the president can say and make it unclassified so they can talk about it. Needless to say, that has not happened. There have been leaks about what the information is. the president hasn't declassified anything as far as I know. And allegedly, I assume this information is correct with the caveat that it might not be. Apparently, this has to do with a new space weapon that That the Russians are going to break a treaty and install if they haven't already. We're not sure exactly. Some people say it hasn't been like it's in the works. Some people say it's up there. Some people say it's not ready yet. I don't know. But apparently the plans are there and maybe are close where the Russians are going to put some kind of nuclear weapon in space, in orbit. There's a treaty between us and the United States and Russia in the 1960s. that says we will never do that. We agreed never to do that. The weaponization of space, quote unquote. This is why people were opposed to the Star Wars program of Reagan, right? Because it was allegedly going to violate this. So we don't know exactly what it is, but that's apparently the concern. And even the people who are coming out of the skiff with Turner was like, yeah, it's bad, you know, potentially and potentially urgent, but not today urgent. So as far as I could tell, no one came out agreeing that this was important for today right now. So kind of bizarre. I mean, if this is true, if this is really what's happening, yeah, it's bad. I mean, it's dangerous. They're talking about either the weapon itself would be nuclear or some power. It would be nuclear-powered. The point is it's an offensive weapon to destroy enemy satellites somehow, whether it's blunt force destruction or electromagnetic interference that would take them offline or whatever. But, of course, now the... societies of the modern world, America, are so dependent and intertwined with satellites that it'll touch every, basically every aspect of life, especially for the the security industry, right? In other words, government communications and actually communicating with our nuclear arsenal could be disrupted. And like, so basically you put those kinds of weapons up there, um, for first strike, um, reasons. And that has been, you know, that's Soviet dogma. That's, that's, uh, you know, Mr. Putin, who is, who is a Soviet basically. Okay. He's an old school communist guy, uh, who's just likes to get really rich, uh, Anyways, so he wants to threaten with first strike nuclear annihilation. I think this is what that's about, if it's true. But the point is, why even talk about that? Well, it's interesting. But secondly, the fact that Turner did it. um and he's calling on you know it was not a partisan thing I know some people think oh he's trying to distract from this and that and the ukraine or the border or whatever that's cynical nonsense you guys he would I mean these folks are really usually not you know to be taken too seriously but this is serious like he really believed it somehow like this is that important it's not political it's not another deal with republicans or democrats or anything or hurting biden or or trump or whatever it's none of that he thought it was important um here's the the thought I had and because I'm mystified still like why would he even do this um And again, assuming the info that leaked out is the correct info, which it might not be. It might be more than that. It might be different. It might be worse. But if it is, I don't get it. And so my thought turned to, well, wait a minute. This is the guy who killed the UAP legislation. And the, or good, it's not totally dead. There's actually some National Archives laws that are coming into effect now that have already produced some interesting documents. Hey, Brian, bless the Lord, guys. Brian Weston. Praise God. Thank you, Brian. Can we remember? Membership is available. Wings of the Eagle YouTube channel. That is true. Thank you so much. So anyways, I was thinking, okay, well, he gutted this and basically put himself as the villain. if you want UAP stuff to be declassified and to come out and you know what? Whatever you think about UFOs and that whole thing, I'm not talking about aliens. I'm talking about deceiving the Congress and having illegal programs and these pilots that are coming forward having no answers or way to It's a flight safety issue to them. They're getting harassed by these things and don't know what's going on or what capabilities they have. And the reality is, and this has been true since the 1940s, there's superior aircraft out there and sea craft and whatever, wherever they go, they're superior to our stuff. And if they ever decided to start shooting, we'd be demolished. We couldn't do anything about it. So if that's still the case, and every evidence reveals that that is still the case, they would be understandably nervous. And if we ever did discover some type of offensive plan or whoever this intelligence is behind these craft or or an orbs or whatever if somehow we found out that this intelligence was aggressive now and is going to attack somehow or whatever we're going to use some you know some kind of offensive maneuvers then you They'd all be nervous. Yes, they would. And they would produce a call, something like this. So he came out looking like he's trying to cover things up. He's not concerned about national security. He's not concerned about imminent threats. He's more concerned about eminent domain than a threat to our pilots. He came across as anti-disclosure. Right. He wants to keep the cover up going. He doesn't want to declassify anything. That's exactly what it. He was the villain in that scenario. That's exactly what happened. So maybe he just did this thing this week to kind of say, hey, wait a minute. I'm not that guy. I'm the guy who wants declassification of when threats come around. And you don't don't accuse me of, you know, being bad. Or whatever. I'm good. I'm the good guy. I'm trying to help America. I'm trying to declassify and get our allies... That's another thing with this whole UAP issue. We're not telling our allies, at least not above board, what's going on. So anyways, that whole... He may just... That's why I titled this what I did. Mike Turner doth protest too much. Obviously, it's an old... Was it Hamlet? Um... That's what it seemed like to me. Since it really doesn't make a lot of sense on the surface, why would he even do such a thing in public like this and call all of Congress to get the special intel that only a few people had and now everyone knows it? And he's calling on the president to declassify? What the heck? The only thing I come up with is he's just trying to reverse his image. somehow for some reason why would he care okay why would he care um why would he care what his image is well maybe there's something coming that um you know he's going to want to clamp down on and not be mr uh open and honest and disclosing about uh so he's going to want to be seen as you know oh well you can trust my turn remember that time he wanted to get everyone out in the open on this and this threat from russia and all that you can trust him for security things I don't That's just my gut, okay? That's just my gut based on what we've seen in public. Okay, so yes, if that's the case, he would fit exactly what the quote means, which he's making too much of a fuss because he's actually guilty. of what he's trying to appear. So that would not surprise me if that's the truth of the matter. So what do you guys say? I see there's a bunch of comments here. Hang on, I'll get to you in just a moment. First of all, is there a real threat from Russia? It seems like something, and it would not be surprising at all. Putin is an evil jerk. He's an antichrist. He's a warmonger. He's a tyrant. All that stuff is true. He's not peaceful. He's not good. He's not a Christian. He's not helpful. He's not a culture warrior. He's in it for him to stay in power, to get rich, and to blow people up along the way. That's what tyrants do. So, yes, it seems very natural that he would do such a thing, especially if he's losing in Ukraine, which he is. And he tried to get his buddy Tucker Carlson out there to make him look good. I don't think it really worked. Tucker's not very smart. And he's not very useful. Anyways, yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if Rush is doing exactly what has come out. Maybe even more. So, okay, let's see what we got here. First of all, let's go to Brian. preferential uh question do you not think that it is being used to get to get the through the senate to ukraine if the money is being diverted corruptly they needed to do it soon as ukraine zielinski might fall I'm not sure what this current thing with mike turner has to do with money Do you mean like, I'm sorry, I just don't see the connection. Why would him saying this thing about this national security issue and telling everybody in both parties, in both houses, that make sure they all knew it? What does that have to do with diverting money? Everything in foreign aid, okay, and military help to other countries, nothing is illegal about that. There is no sneaky money in that. I mean, congressionally speaking, we all know exactly how many dollars go to every country. You can't hide that. I mean, as far as the government goes, if you're a private person, you're private contractors, of course, you don't have to disclose that. But I don't see the linkage, Brian. I don't see how it's, unless I'm missing something there, help me out. To frighten everyone of Russia. Well, we've... I mean, that ship has sailed, Brian. As a country, we do support Ukraine because Russia is scary. It's true. This is not the first boat ride for Mr. Putin to invade his neighbors. He's done it four times now. So... Anyway, I'm just saying like there's really no debate. It's Republican and Democrat, both basically, not every single person, but they have big majorities too because they know supporting Ukraine is in our interest as Americans. Because if Putin feels like he can invade Ukraine, if he touches NATO, we're at war. And that's right next to NATO. So yes, it's in our interest that he backs up. And it certainly is an argument that he wouldn't put anything into the space, which I'm sure he wants to do. Okay. Thank you, Brian. Let's see. Brother Tiki, what's up, man? Faithful Friday, is that today? They want to re-up. Who's they? Want to re-up FISA warrantless surveillance. And slush fund money for the defense contractors. FISA Friday. There we go. Okay, cool, cool. I like it. FISA is spying, domestic spying, basically. Federal... What the heck does it stand for? Shoot, I'll remember later. Yeah, if you want to have permission to tap into communications of American citizens, you need to get a warrant from a FISA court. This is the... compromise that was reached several years ago to allow it basically make it legal so to have a court between the spying agencies and american citizens this court has to actually say yes you can do this this is how we like terrorists and like tapping their phones and like and other things too obviously um defense contractors yeah they'll take they'll take money however they can get it right I don't I don't I still don't understand what that has to do with uh with this though turner kind of made it sound like we're about to be attacked he yeah I mean, that was the tenor, the tone of what he did is acting like someone who thinks this is going to happen real soon. We better stop messing around about it. I could see that kind of freak out if they found out Russia had a direct energy weapon up there, space laser. As long as they're not Jewish space lasers, right? uh inside joke not really inside bad joke um weapon up there specifically that could burn satellites or stuff on the ground make it look like wildfires I mean I'm sure they'd love to do it now this is not a um uh it seems like they want a low-level panic not too much in the public to declare it a more spending and spy see but when you say they though it's not who's they every single senator and every congressman because they now they all know Remember, he said everyone who wants to know can come to the SCIF and find out. Every single senator and house member now is cleared to know this information, whatever it is. I've never heard of that. So when you say they, you mean every congressman and every senator? If anything, just being real here, if anything, it seems like the presidential, the administration, right, the executive branch, Biden and his secretaries and whatever, they're trying to tamp down, not panic the people in this scenario. So I don't see who they would be when you say they. Okay. too much talk of dew and some vid showing a laser light hitting homes etc yeah I don't know um a nuclear powered satellite could stay up there without maintenance for 75 to 100 years yeah that's that's possible so the nuclear either energy I mean um power of the weapon um Or even if it's just a satellite, it's a really God darn expensive satellite to put a nuclear power plant inside it. Yeah, you're right, though. That's that's the only debate or things that's confusing now about what's coming out is some say it's an actual nuclear weapon. Some say it's actually uses nuclear power to to do its thing. Yeah. Just to go back to this for a second, oops, about the actual weapon itself, to have like a laser up there or whatever, it has been Soviet doctrine back... mmm, I forget what year like that the 80s for sure when again when Reagan was around and stuff they it was Soviet doctrine to put a nuclear weapon up there or some kind of mega destructive thing maybe a laser or something that would take away our Retaliatory capability they have a first-strike Doctrine So if that's the case, and this is what they tried to do in Ukraine, by the way, and failed because they suck. Excuse me, but they're not nearly as good or tough as they want to make themselves out to be in Russia. They try to go for decapitation strikes immediately. That's why they bombed Kiev and tried to get Zelensky on the first night of the war. I'm sorry, the special military operation. Jerk, that guy. That's why they tried to decapitate the Ukrainian government instantly because that's their doctrine. So that's what they would try to do in nuclear war with America would be to – and it's been this way again for decades – to somehow destroy Washington, D.C. So you take out the president. You take out all the congress. You take out all the leaders. This line of succession, as much as you can, destroy all of them so there's no leader, no plan. And you would also disrupt, if they could, disrupt the command and control of our nuclear weapons. Now, I kind of think that's a pipe dream, but that's what they want to do. They've always wanted to do that because they think first strike means you defeat the enemy before they can shoot back. So it wouldn't surprise me that any of this is true. uh my marine bond servant says my marine son just surprised me made me egg benedict okay but did he use a space laser to make it that's the thing uh ambitious people are predictable mostly bond services yeah I mean human nature basically is predictable and Nelvaney was killed in prison. Well, he died. He died while being in prison. Yes. In the Arctic Circle, by the way. If you don't know who Nelvaney is, it's really not the time for that today, but was the loudest critic basically putin had he was the most effective ron he started to run for office and he had money and stuff so he was putin is very threatened by that guy um he tried to kill him before he left the country went to europe and was actually doing well in europe like he could have maybe provoked a change of uh government you know got putin out of there in absentia you know like out of the country but then he said you know what I'm gonna go back because that's my country and I don't want to live in another place I want to change from within you know type of thing literally as soon as he landed in russia he was arrested and hasn't gotten out since and now he's dead so make of that what you will Uh, the bill that passed the Senate, you're, are you, there had been all talk online. Turner was trying to push the house to pass the spending bill as fast as possible. Which bill are we talking about here? Help me out. Uh, bond servant, uh, T-Rex says awesome Marines on breakfast. Tell him we're having scrambled jets. See now that's funny. that's funny that's uh relevant um okay okay we need we need something from from my studio here okay um anyways yeah scramble jets that's good stuff this russian nuke thing is is still conjecture no official confirmation nothing right but it may never come because if there is something classified and you know man we got everything classified in america uh no they have I don't I haven't heard anyone speak public or officially about it right Uh, Brian says, you said earlier that all the money goes correctly to Ukraine, et cetera. Then why can't they ever audit the U S defense accounts? I believe that's been the case for many years. That's different. You're talking about the Pentagon passing an audit on themselves. You're totally right. They can't pass. It's been years and years and they've never passed when they always fail miserably because they're trying to hide money. I agree. Um, That's exactly why. But in terms of spending bills, that has nothing to do with the Pentagon. Money that is sent to assist in stuff like that is not a Pentagon decision. That's Congress's decision only. The contractors are certainly helped out. The ones who make the The guns and the missile systems or the defenses, the ACTMS or whatever all the systems are, they're definitely making a lot of money because that's where most of the money goes to. which is it's not actually sent into Ukraine in a suitcase and left, and hopefully they did stuff good with it. We're paying our own companies to make the weapons that Ukraine must receive. That's kind of the deal. And again, like auditing, you can only audit the government itself. The Congress can only audit the Pentagon. They can't audit Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, the defense companies themselves that make this stuff. Obviously, they're private companies. They can't be audited just because Congress says so. So when you're, remember, we just talked about different, little different things. So the Congress, I mean, the Pentagon itself, yes, they can't pass audits because they want to make sure their programs get funded. But as far as foreign aid and stuff, I don't think there's any kind of connection. um uh brian says okay I by the way I keep announcing who it is even if you're watching this there's no need for me to say that but there's an audio um podcast that people actually some people do actually listen to so I wanted to keep them in in the loop there brian says okay I understand but why doesn't the president insist on a normal audit surely everything should be have been seen as above board I don't I mean you can't you can't just insist on an audit uh So the Pentagon is, I mean, technically, legally speaking, yes, is under the command of the civilian side of the government and under the Secretary of Defense position. which is under the president, so that's all technically the executive branch. That's why the president can order the, he's the commander in chief, so he can order them to do whatever he wants, he or she wants. Insist on a normal audit? I don't know. That's just not his role. Congress is the one who gives money and can inspect where that money's going and how it's being spent. The president has no power to do that. In other words, even if he said such a thing, he can't technically do it. There have been reviews. I remember the Bush administration with Donald Rumsfeld and was it somebody in the Obama secretary of defense maybe? Anyway, periodically the defense secretaries will do an overhaul of how the military establishment is organized, like how it's being run, what the job titles are and inefficiencies and trying to make sure money isn't wasted. That's happened a few times. But then when it gets down to SAPs, that's the problem. Special access programs is, and again, if you haven't listened, I'm not saying you didn't, but if you haven't caught the episode we did on SAPs and SCIFs a couple weeks ago, and we also have talked about it before that, but the SAP thing is the real sticking point. Special access programs are not supposed to be known period and there's like three or four different levels of special access to the point where on what they call it bigoted like on unannounced or or on whatever so literally no no one except the gang of eight in congress knows about it and they're they're supposed to know about it even though they don't uh only they're supposed to know and if anyone asks about it whether it even exists you're So it's very hard to to agree with all that, all those rules, and then have a transparent money, you know, an audit. Something's got to give them that. Brian says, why doesn't Congress insist on it? They do. They just fail it. I think John McCain started this push for auditing the Pentagon like 20 years ago. And that's when they started failing because they couldn't account for it. The problem is there's no enforcement. No one's willing to say, okay, well, then you lose all your money, Pentagon, until you can prove, until you can pass an audit, you don't get nothing. No one has the guts to do that. to say that they're just like, Oh, they failed again. Let's try better next time. I agree with you. It is basic housekeeping, but we're not willing to actually follow through with a punishment. Or, I'm sorry, a consequence for failure. We just let them keep failing. And write better laws, right? That's the whole NDAA thing. That's what, like, they just put in what I was talking about earlier. That is supposed to detail exactly what you're supposed to do as the Defense Department. And what you're supposed to spend money on or not, you know, have to admit to this or that or submit to this review and this and that. They try to do it through that. Uh, expecting an audit is like letting the Fox in the chicken coop. Yeah, right. That's true too. Like if they know one's coming, if you know what's coming in your personal taxes, you're either going to make sure everything is absolutely above board and nothing is hidden at all. So there'll be no question or you work extra hard to hide and cheat to make sure they ever find it. you know the stuff you're not supposed to have or the illegal stuff you're doing uh bond service is denying the existence sap it reminds me of hogan's heroes german uh pastry loving sergeant right I see nothing I hear I see nothing I hear nothing right yeah the old show show your age monster so am I um but anyways yeah that's right That's literally the law. And if I mean, in terms of what they signed, they signed a paper. If you're in one of these unauthorized or unannounced, you bigoted, whatever they call these SAP programs. Excuse me. They say if you say anything, you're going to Leavenworth, a military prison with no trial, no parole. For life. Now, I don't know if that's true. I mean, like, have they ever tried to do such a thing? I don't know, but that's the point. No one's ever going to know. And so I guess it scares the heck out of these guys to say, well, no trial. My family's not going to be without it. It's like Novani basically in Russia. That's what they're threatening. They're threatened to be Putin. Like if you'd say anything against this, if you admit anything, if you violate this one letter of disagreement, you're gone. And we're totally legal in doing it. Your constitutional rights are gone. You sign a paper that says that basically. Well, all military people kind of do. If you think about it, if you join an armed service, You're suspending your constitutional rights. Anyways. Brian says, when Trump took power, he said he would destroy the corruption, etc. I believe he got nowhere. No, of course he didn't. He got nowhere. I mean, he didn't really try, Brian, to be honest with you. He didn't try at all because he's self-interested. was not actually interested in fixing the swamp he just didn't want he wanted people to vote for him and if it didn't affect him personally he didn't care he kept the secrets just like he was told he's not a swamp trainer at all as it turns out uh oh there's a grandma no one certainly you're not an old grandma no way All right. That's efficient, I think, for this one, guys. So just to summarize, yes, we all saw, or maybe you didn't, but now you know what happened this past week. And it was weird. It's still weird. I don't, maybe nothing more comes out. Maybe it just kind of does, you know, dissipates or maybe something changes and more info. revealed maybe this is you know what we were told is the reason for the panic maybe is different or more to it than that I don't know um we shall see um so just pay attention okay pay attention for sure and as christians which I hope that's your primary focus if you are a believer then you're not of this world you're just traveling passing through you're not loyal to any country or government or party, and that you're citizens first of heaven and the kingdom of God and not of man. It doesn't mean you can't be patriotic. It doesn't mean you can't love where you live or want it to be safe. Of course, I am and I do. But at the same time, priorities have to always be in line. So anyway, that's all. That's my word for the day. Yeah, Brian, bless you, man. Thank you for the trust and the support. And I certainly look forward to speaking with you more. It's no problem. Thank you. Glad to do it. And you all stay groovy as well. Okay, Dusty Rex. All right, guys. Love you so much. Until next time, Lord willing, maybe next week or as events warrant, stay tuned to the Wings of the Eagle channels, YouTube, Facebook, X, and maybe even Instagram. And by the way, if anyone's complaining, I'm looking. Instagram has no comments that I see. So unless there's a problem with Instagram, I don't see anything to respond to. So Lord willing, next week or as events warrant. And if there's any kind of breaking news like prophecy updates, we have a breaking news prophecy news update. um package that you know I can launch very very quickly if anything is happening that I think the church needs to know um or there's some kind of imminent you know danger or something real threat going on we definitely will come on the air and um and inform in a biblical way okay so anyway love you all so much thanks for tuning in thanks for your time please like and share this it'll be very helpful if you can give is there for you. And until next time, Christopher Mantei saying, be careful out there. And also love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Bye-bye.

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